MORE FREQUENT updates for you guys!!


    Hey creative shrimps, you asked for the more frequent updates and blog posts. So I thought why not? Let’s try make vlogs with behind the scenes stuff. It’s an experiment, so let’s make a few videos and see how it works!

    In This Episode

    • A weird street art

    • Why vlogs, Gleb??

    • A few words about Nik, a bastard behind the camera

    • Millenium falcon and Star Wars nerds


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    Let’s talk!

    Let me know your thoughts about this new format of videos. Leave your comment below and tell me what you like/dislike about it.


    1. Joseph Charles

      Cool! I think this is a good idea!

    2. I am interested to see your Digitized 3D Model idea. The rush we get when trying new things is exceptional, that’s what keep us going.

      My brutal honest opinion is that Vlogs should either be entertaining and/or educational, showing us something of a world we didn’t really know. This was more of a list of things upcoming on the channel.

      Show us more about what Nik does, let him speak, show how a normal day of yours look like, any productivity tips you use in your daily life etc.

      The one thing you really nailed is the feel and the vibe of the Vlog, please never change that. 😛

      • Agree with you. I’d even put it this way: it should be infotaining. Like informational + entertaining. And actually we started to film a video about what Nik does! But he’s a lazy asshole, so the process is going slow 😀 Let’s ask him once again, dammit.

    3. I always wanted to see Awesome CG Artist like you doing The Vlogs!

      I want to see you Gleb on your Natural Habitat. How your day looks like. How and what are you working at, etc. That would be great 🙂

      And don’t forget the Nik. I think he is an awesome person!

      • My day is mostly very boring routine. But yea, the part of my motivation to do vlogs is to show you the raw life of the shrimp like me.

    4. Mason Menzies

      Awesome! Can’t wait to see more. will be great!

    5. Antoine

      very much interested as photogrammetry and laser scanner are my daily job and blender my relaxing playground… looking forward for new experiment !
      Love the Shrimp!

    6. Louis vdberg

      i am really interested in everything XD

    7. Nikos Priniotakis

      Hi Gleb, thanks for all the hard work, you are the most inspiring shrimp of all time !

      (vlog-wise, may I suggest the use of ND filters when shooting outside ?)

    8. Sandra D

      it would be really funny if you posted a vlog but it was just something not at all related to anything, like it was suddenly the home ec channel info commercial vacuum buster, now in deluxe, and super deluxe 5008.
      But anyway, that’s probably not helpful.

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