10 Most Common Composition Mistakes (+Pro-Lighting: Skies Giveaway Winner Announced)


Discover how to avoid the most common pitfalls when creating composition for your image. While Reynante Martinez and I was reviewing your art (675 comments!), we noticed a certain pattern. There are many common mistakes, that are actually very easy to avoid.

Composition Tutorial

In this composition tutorial I compiled 10 super common mistakes. I’m sure that after watching it you will be inspired to try these solutions in your new artwork.

What will you learn?

Why having a strong point of interest is super important

 Why darkness isn’t your friend

• How many points of interest can hurt your artwork

Simple thing that we often forget to do

• Why having a good microphone is crucial when recording video tutorials?

gleb alexandrov creative shrimp

Pro-Lighting: Skies Giveaway WINNER

I’m excited to announce the Pro-Lighting: Skies giveaway winner, chosen by True Random Generator.

Mc Gavish – congrats, you’ve won!

Please contact me using this form and I will arrange the rest with the help of Blenderguru crew.


  1. Sayan Mondal

    Congratulations to the winner and great tips.

    • Thanks for sharing your work, Sayan. Keep us posted about your website, I think you have a great potential.

    • Thank you, Nik. After my microphone f#cked up, I thought my explanation would fail completely.

  2. congrats to the winner, and thanks for the great advice! I feel this has been a very educational experience for everyone involved. you guys rock so hard!

    • Rico, for me it was… I don’t know how to describe it properly. I’ve never seen SO MANY good art made in Blender.
      And Reyn and I are super happy to give our feedback.

    • And Rico, I’m looking forward to your next artwork, as the previous ones blew my mind.

      • Thanks Gleb, very encouraging! Your high expectations will drive me to excel! 😀 Keep doing what you’re doing.

  3. Uncle Snail

    Thanks for this tutorial! It has a lot of great tips in it.
    I love how your videos have so much personality. (Guys with cigarettes sticking their heads in, people hanging out of windows, and mics going out.) 😛
    And yeah, there were many great artworks!
    The main thing that sets you apart from the rest as well, is I think you have the best looking images of all the Blender tutorial people. 🙂

    • Haha, while I was making this video today the whole lot of things happened. I wonder how the microphone can go out AND turn on in the last 5 minutes of filming. The truth is out there, like Mulder said.
      And we just have fun! 🙂

  4. Lcq92

    thanks again Gleb and Reynante, this week was so much fun !

    • Pretty crazy at the same time. Overwhelming amount of nice pictures and comments. I thought I wouldn’t sleep at all :)))

  5. Adam

    Congrats! And thanks for the feedback on my robot! I’ll get around to finishing it soon 🙂

  6. MBNKTY | Emily

    Congrats to Mc Gavish, and thanks for the amazing experience, guys! Pretty helpful tips ;}

  7. Thanks for the great feedback! Its been a fun week :)!

  8. j z

    Great contest idea, and getting focused critique and suggestions from you guys is a prize in itself. Thanks for doing this, inspirational!

  9. Many thanks Reynante & Gleb!
    Pretty cool that there are things like your session!!
    And of course congrats to the winner.

  10. Mark Anthony

    Congrats to McGavish 🙂 – and thanks again to Gleb and Reyn… I guess we’ll have to wait for the next session – at least until Belarus has stocked back up with good coffee ;D… Looking forward to watching the video when I get home from work (they won’t let me watch videos here :C) I loved this, and really looking forward to the next one!

    • If the supplies run out here, I’ll stock Costa Rican coffee (I love it more than anything).
      …And I hope to release my own coffee brand some day, heheh 🙂

      • Mark Anthony

        I’ll buy that! ‘Gleb’s Special Blend’…. comes with a safety warning!

  11. Mc Gavish

    Thank you Gleb and Reyn! I saw here a lot of really amazing artworks.

    Gleb Alexandrov: I sent you a message.

    • Thanks! I replied to your message and I will make sure that you’ll get your Pro-Lighting: Skies free copy today or tomorrow.


      • Mc Gavish

        Thank you!

  12. Niranjan Raghu

    Congratulations to the winner! =) Great pointers, btw. I think we read(and use) too much about the rule of thirds and/or other composition rules, and forget that it’s an RGB image, haha!

    I can’t wait for more mass-sharing of art to ensue. It’s one thing to browse through art on art sites, and it’s completely another to have something so unique (like last week) that I can’t describe it! You guys are awesome. =)

    • Niranjan, I agree that it’s different thing (and different context, what is even more important). I like the interactivity too, it adds so much to the experience.
      I’m thinking of running a competition of some kind next time. Any ideas?

      • Niranjan Raghu

        Off the top of my head, that sounds like a great idea already.

        Personally, I love competitions and challenges (like WeeklyCGC) because they’re a literal hotspot for quirky and new ideas, and art. I also think that it’s the whole learning process that matters, not the prize that’s included at the end. I certainly think making a competition from CreativeShrimp will be a great opportunity for preparing, and sharing new art.

        Having said that, though, I think WeeklyCGC covers the small, fast, ones, and there are a hodge-podge of other organisations (BlenderGuru, CG Record, CG Terminal, to name but a few) that run their own, larger competitions for renders. I do remember a few from BlenderGuru for animations, but not specifically so (please do correct me on that if I’m wrong).

        So, I think the only thing left is to start a really high level, gruelling one, like a competition to write, direct, and produce a CG short film within a specific topic and specific constraints, in six months, with an update post every quarter-year. Definitely not critique, but just to indicate that they’re still going strong, or something of the sort.

        It’ll take a mountain of work, and most probably won’t be plausible without much preparation, but it’s what I think is missing in the industry I’ve seen so far, and it’s keeping with the contextual difference, simply because of the magnitude of the event.

        • I really like the scale and the ambition of your idea! Makes me imagine a really huge event going on 🙂 Not sure though if I can handle such thing right now. But we can try to come up with something that I CAN handle, and that is still more ambitious than a quick 2-3 weeks competition.
          You made me think.

          • Niranjan Raghu

            Haha, I’m just glad I can be really blunt, and expect that it will be considered rationally. And I’m also glad we’re having this conversation. =)

  13. oren

    you are

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