10 Most Common Composition Mistakes (+Pro-Lighting: Skies Giveaway Winner Announced)


Discover how to avoid the most common pitfalls when creating composition for your image. While Reynante Martinez and I was reviewing your art (675 comments!), we noticed a certain pattern. There are many common mistakes, that are actually very easy to avoid.

Composition Tutorial

In this composition tutorial I compiled 10 super common mistakes. I’m sure that after watching it you will be inspired to try these solutions in your new artwork.

What will you learn?

Why having a strong point of interest is super important

 Why darkness isn’t your friend

• How many points of interest can hurt your artwork

Simple thing that we often forget to do

• Why having a good microphone is crucial when recording video tutorials?

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Pro-Lighting: Skies Giveaway WINNER

I’m excited to announce the Pro-Lighting: Skies giveaway winner, chosen by True Random Generator.

Mc Gavish – congrats, you’ve won!

Please contact me using this form and I will arrange the rest with the help of Blenderguru crew.