Retopology: creating stones #2

Automatic retopology in Blender? In this video, we’ll briefly outline 5 methods of semi-automatic retopology.

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  1. Very useful tutorial, thanks again!

  2. Is possible find some retopology trick for plane? Because, I try used yours methods it’s not work on plane or I did something wrong… Thanks

  3. This retopo methods should work for a plane. Can you show screenshot of what you’re trying to achieve? Or explain in detail.

  4. I have chaotic and different side mesh with triangles and quads (not Ngons)
    and want convert it to the same size quads or close to. For better mapping
    Triangulation – method won’t work in my situation. I try used Remesh modifier and as result he try make closed boxes or something like this.., (Countour, I don’t used, because I don’t have it need to buy). Just Shrinkwarp has, little, better result, but sides look not good and need make again…
    Sorry, my english really poor…

  5. Contour can be downloaded for free, but you’re right – in case of your mesh it may look better if retopologized manually. Can I ask you to upload this mesh somewhere so I can take a closer look at it? 🙂 I suppose that grid fill tool or b-surfaces may help, I’d want to try.

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