#AskGleb Podcast Ep 8: Storytelling, Lighting and Learning


In this episode we’ll talk about lighting, storytelling and learning. Yay!


In This Episode

• How to tell a story with one image?

• What makes a good lighting?

• How to approach learning new software?

• And other shenanigans.


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Do you think that storytelling is important for CG artists?

Join the discussion and tell me what you think. Or maybe share the render that communicates a great story.

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  1. Uncle Snail

    A lot of good tips. 🙂 Did you know that guy in the background? Haha. Well, I enjoy your podcasts, and thanks for another one (and thanks for the frozen face).
    Also, do you do a lot of post processing and color correction on your podcast videos? Do you do it in Blender, or do you use other software as well. You do have a very nice idea of color and how to make it look good. 🙂
    (also, when you do it, do you use the compositor? I have tried, and haven’t found an efficient way to run the video from the sequence editor through the compositor, and into the video output. To get a video through the compositor, I find that you have to render some frame, even if it’s nothing, then it will go to the compositor. Do you know a way around this?)

    • This guy stands behind the camera (usually). His name is Nik.
      I edit my videos in Premiere, and use it for color correction too. Just a simple RGB curves, nothing more 🙂

  2. How did I not know this existed!?! Time to binge listen! ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)

    • How, indeed? Oh I will incinerate my marketing department later today.

      • Uncle Snail

        Yeah, I actually had the urge to check for a new post and went on your blog right before I got the email. Email notifications are really a good way to get people to see your new content.

        • Indeed. That’s how I find out about most things that are published here at CS. This was the first email I received about the podcast, and I was like, “Wait, what?” when I saw it was episode 8. lol.

  3. Sayan Mondal

    Real-time rendering would be a great improvement if quality is not lost. Loving your podcasts so far. Cheers!

    • Uncle Snail

      Yeah. It’s cool that we already can achieve almost the same effect as Internal just in the Cycles viewport. That’s getting closer to realtime. 🙂

  4. Alexander Pukhalsky

    That was the first time I heard you swear, I think :p

  5. Mason Menzies

    you have managed to take difficult questions, answer them with fantastic answers in a fun and entertaining way that made me laugh, i almost fell over when you got hit by a snowball. this is a really amazing thing! keep it up.

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