#AskGleb Podcast 02: What Are The Benefits of Practicing in Traditional Media?

And why bother developing an artistic eye?

AskGleb podcast Gleb Alexandrov

Listen to the second podcast from the Q&A series, devoted to computer graphics, art, coffee, inspiration, Blender, productivity and anything else. You ask questions using #AskGleb on Twitter, and I answer them in a podcast.

The Topics of Today’s Podcast:

1. As a CG artist, should I practice in traditional media?
2. Why is it important to develop an artistic eye?
3. What is in common between photography and computer graphics?

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Question of the Day:

What is your favorite traditional medium?

Let’s show some pictures/photos in the comments. Your paintings, paper models, anything!




  1. Pen & pencil on paper are more forgiving than pen tablet on painting app. Watercolor pencil as well.

    • And more fluent as well. I find it easier to sketch some things on paper. And if we talk about sketching ideas and mind maps too, than pen & paper is the way to go.

  2. Java

    If you could change one thing about blender, what would it be? And wait…. you’re MARRIED???

  3. Yulia Kalashnikova

    Hello, Gleb!:) My question is how do you find sculpting in ZBrush different from sculpting in Blender? Is it more convenient? I am going to try anyways, but some folks were complaining that ZBrush interface is a handful. Is it so? Thank you!

    • Yulia, I find that ZBrush is very convenient for sculpting – probably the best software for that purpose. In terms of fluency, tools available, and high-end features like automatic retopology, boolean cuts, curve trims, insert brushes and so on.
      On the other hand, Blender is sufficient in many cases. And it has Dynamic Topology, that works wonders. Moreover, in Blender you can switch seamlessly to modelling tools and fix something on the fly.
      My 5 cents.

      • Yulia Kalashnikova

        thank you! 🙂 automatic retopology sounds especially good)))

  4. wordsand

    Hi Gleb. Please could you make your podcasts available on iTunes? Then my phone will collect them when I’m on wifi and I can listen when driving/walking and not on wifi.

    • Yep. I’m going to upload podcasts to iTunes tomorrow. Let’s solve it this time 😉

      • wordsand

        Is it on iTunes yet? I can’t find it

        • Sorry about the delay. I have to fix some things first.

          • wordsand

            Any news? Looking forward to subscribing to your Podcast

    • Hey Finn. Nice composition, lighting and feel!
      1. I would make a wall texture a bit more grungy (water stains, dirt, decals, maybe even graffiti).
      2. Also try adding some details on the ground, especially where it meets the wall.
      all in all, I like it!

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