#AskGleb Podcast 01: When Should You Start Making CG?

Some thoughts about teapots


I’m excited to share with you the first podcast from the #AskGleb series, devoted to computer graphics, art, coffee, Blender, productivity and whatever else. Go ahead and listen to it right now 🙂

Brief list of today’s topics:

1. When should you start making CG? Render fast, dye young: rock’n’roll of 3d artists.
2. Gooseberry project and why I refresh its website twice a day
3. Blender game engine (interactive mode) and some thoughts about its future

Feel free to share, it means a ton for me. And ask me anything using hashtag #AskGleb on Twitter!


  1. Using blender like unity would also be my dream *.* That would be so cool, total workflow revolution!

    • Philip, it would be more like realized dream for many (and I mean, MANY) indie game developers all around the globe. And a total workflow revolution, just like the invention of interface – you are correct with it.

      • That’s great to hear, since thats basically the approach I’m taking with my game engine 😀

  2. Hi Gleb :-). When you mentioned several times coffe, I must ask :-). What kind of coffe do you like and what type of preparation do you prefer (french press, espresso etc.)?

    And I would also like to say, that you have my admiration for what you are doing. Your artwork is great and your life story is inspirational. 🙂

    Best regards


    • Lubomir, tnx so much! 🙂 Lately, I drink espresso from a coffee machine – more and more. beans: Costa Rica. Strong aroma with a slightest fruit note. Loving it.
      And what kind of coffee do you prefer?

      • Sorry for late response. Yea, I’m not much coffe expert so I don’t have any favorite, but when I make coffe then it is freshly milled coffe from local seller which roast coffe by him self. Mostly I make coffe in french press or in moka pot.

  3. could you talk a bit about how you approach a project in your next podcast? I would love to hear how you (if you do) pick apart the process of creating a digital piece.

  4. It’s great that you’re doing this, Gleb. Kudos to you. Looking forward to more podcasts from you. 🙂 – Reyn

    • Reyn, that podcasts are inspired by your podcasts with Andrew. So, huh, you are always welcome 😉

  5. Yulia Kalashnikova

    it was a little bit discouraging to hear:) i am 30, so it looks like it is too late for me…

    • It’s more than fine! Starting early is not imperative by any means, so go ahead and make your cube :). And share it with me afterwards, so we can discuss it.

      • Yulia Kalashnikova

        I do have a fist finished piece. It is not a cube, though 🙂

        • Wow! Is it your design? It looks fantastic.
          From what I see, you don’t need to start anything. Just continue 🙂

          • Yulia Kalashnikova

            Thank you very much!:) Yes, modeled it myself, did character sheet and everything. Have to say I got some really useful advice on Blenderartists.org.. What about a couple of words of Your critique. May be not on this one, but some other stuff I will produce? 🙂 Anyways, I knew You were going to say someing nice on this one. Thanks again!

          • As for critique, I think that we can make it even better by doing this:
            1. Add a grunge, dirt and (especially) edge scratches to texture. Either procedurally, using new Pointiness geometry node in material editor, or by making unwrap and painting texture.
            2. The same goes to environment. I would make it dirtier, especially in places where 2 surfaces meet 🙂
            3. One thing. More of a personal preference, than a critique. I would made picture aspect a bit wider and added a small tilt to the camera.

          • Yulia Kalashnikova

            ^_^ thank you! Yes, I definetly need to make my robot lose the look of something that just walked out of the Apple store. Thank you for Pointiness tip) I see it is not in a trunk yet.. funny enough I was just sitting and thinking… “I need a mask for scratched texture”. I was going to try and bake specularity map for that (did not really know, whether it will work, but was going for something that would appear along the edges as opposed to AO in crevises), but may be Pointiness would be a better solution. And again, thank you for taking time to answer! 🙂

          • Yulia Kalashnikova

            Hey, Gleb)) Me again))) I reworked the picture and published it on the ArtStation. And, can you believe it, the only comment I got there was.. about the angle, which was totally your idea…. I kid you not! 😀


  6. Shastro

    Sweet I’m 15 this is what I made (Andrew’s Clouds Tut, took me three months) : http://i.imgur.com/sJCxPYj.jpg

    Also this with your Ice Tutorial: http://i.imgur.com/WKy9Zrj.jpg

    Thank You So much for your work, and I hope to be like you one day 🙂

    Best of luck to you and your endeavors across this earth of ours, so much left to learn and discover.

  7. There doesn’t seem to be the usual download link on SoundCloud like your other podcasts.

    • Mark, it seems that Soundcloud free account set the download limit. Something around 100 downloads only. 🙁
      I still hesitate to upgrade to pro acc. But maybe I should do it.

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