ARE YOU A GLOBAL NERD? (if yes, leave a comment)


    In This Episode

    1. Why we all are global nerds

    2. Analytics for Creative Shrimp (why nobody’s watching in Greenland? ) 🙂

    3. Why we need to show our middle fingers to those who want to stop the free flow of information

    4. How coffee helps to build interconnected world

    Are You a Global Nerd?

    If yes, join the discussion and tell us! You can even share some pictures, heh 🙂


    1. I’m a global nerd. But you missed the chance to call it as “Global Geek” rather than nerd as nerd is used as an insult.

      India has more viewers than Australia, I didn’t expect that. Maybe all those australian viewers tune into Andrew Price. 😛

        • Gordon

          Oh, I forgot to say (although you might have guessed it): I am a global nerd.

      • Gordon

        I’m a Star Wars nerd from the 501st Legion and we often call ourselves nerds. Most of us don’t take offense at being called that, because it is what we are 😉

    2. Michel Rochette

      1- Yes. I think you’re right,
      2- Vikings want blood, gold and slaves… Joking. Maybe They just boycott you?
      3- More practical than the pinky toe,
      4- Coffee is the universal way for people to communicate. Or taking a break ?

      Godspeed Gleb.

      • Haha, perfect 🙂 Vikings! Yea they seem to be too hardcore for our shrimpy stuff.

    3. Dee van Hoven

      …a “global” Nerd ?? mhh we started in AKL, over LAX -> NYC and landed now in AMS :D.To India, yes there are a lot of Blender users and viewers. We have in our team 2 from Mumbai and in India there are a lot of young Blender “Monsters”, very, very good, but another story 🙂

      P.S. – your last tut (Free Photo scanning…) is awesome as always 😀 thumbs up ! we buildt in june also a part of the Star Wars Saga 🙂 should we destroy it for an amazing crash scene ? mhhhh we will see 😀

      Another Question, E-Mail ? using the contact under this website ?

      Cheers, it’s coffee time 😀

      Best regards Gleb

    4. Misfit410

      Sure am

    5. Jordi Gratacos

      I’m a global nerd?
      no, I’m someone curious.
      someone who is passionate about the tools and techniques that help your creativity explode.
      I’m someone who is not labeled and no label.
      I am someone who shares virtual cafes with you.
      I’m someone who appreciates that people like you are so cool!
      I’m a global nerd?
      he has!
      I’m someone who does not speak English and use google translator, sorry. excuse me

      soy un global nerd?
      no se, soy alguien curioso.
      alguien a quien le apasionan las herramientas y las tecnicas, que ayuden a su creatividad explotar.
      soy alguien que no se etiqueta y no etiqueta.
      soy alguien que comparte cafes virtuales con usted.
      soy alguien que agradece que gente como usted sea tan genial!
      soy un global nerd?
      soy alguien que no habla ingles y utiliza el traductor de google,lo siento. disculpeme

      • Jordi, is it your render? It looks awesome. If you have a portfolio, feel free to post a link here 🙂

        • Jordi Gratacos

          Thank you so much for your comment, it has been very rewarding reading it. I’ll keep admiring, even if you’re a liar !!!!! 😉 Thank you

    6. Freeman Overwhelmed

      Ye I’m studying networking hoping that I can sneak through the firewall in China. But recently I also learned about the mass surveillance, meaning we are all being watched by government and agents. And I see a digital revolution starting to protect our privacy. It’s exciting too !

    7. Rogen Hagen

      1. I am a GLOBAL NERD….. and proud of it
      with out the Nerds of the world we would not have half the cool stuff we do now.

      2. That is a good question ? Perhaps they are yet to appreciate the wonders of Blender and the wonders it brings.

      3. I personally put up 3 fingers and tell them to read between the lines, with out the freedom to share what we know and learn from others the world becomes a very VERY small place (and narrow minded)

      4. COFFEE…… nectar of life. mourning up and go……. allows you to deal with the shit the day brings with out killing anyone….. COFFEE !!!!

      P.S I’m from Australia and i actually go to your site straight after i visited then Guru (sorry mate)

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