Coffee made from POOP? I would try!


    Jim, thanks for asking this question. I thought it was a good time to record a vlog about COFFEE! At last.

    In This Episode:

    • Gonzo journalism and coffee?

    • Coffee made from poop

    • If coffee beans would no longer be produced would the 3d artist become extinct?!? (A question by Jim Morren)

    • How coffee was discovered

    Ask Your Questions

    Feel free to ask questions using #AskGleb hashtag on Twitter, and I’ll pick the most hilarious or thoughtful ones and try to answer.


    1. If coffee beans became extinct, we chai tea drinkers shall rule the world! Muhahahaha!

      • But then we’ll have to rename chai tea to something like … coffee? Yea I think coffee is an appropriate new name for it. This tea thing even has enough caffeine.

        • You would have to drink three cups of chai tea to achieve the same amount of caffeine you get in a single cup of coffee. It’s a deal!

          • We’re going to need a bigger bathroom! :O

            • True, so true. A huge bathroom with 10 toilets or whatever.

    2. Yitzi Litt

      Awesome as always! The book slamming repetition just cracked me up. Thanks for yet another intriguing video, seeing a Gleb Alexandrov notification always brightens my day!

    3. Oscar Orlando Caballero Moreno

      You should come to Colombia, I’d be glad to take you to one of the best places for drink coffee here!.

    4. Lina

      I drink a lot of coffee, but still didn’t make much to change the CG world.. Hm.. Ok, I’m going to make another cup of coffee and open Blender, maybe it will work 🙂

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