2015 – Some Words and A Hug


You keep me afloat, that’s it.  Let’s continue pushing the trend of crazy-quick tutorials further in 2015.  With your interest and support, I’m looking forward to the bunch of fresh, mind-blowing projects.

Just like Lighting Open Project – check it out!


I believe that the beginning of the new year is the right time to give your projects a fresh start. How many times you had burning desire to do something that matters, and then decided: later on.

Sadly, later on never comes. Just like tomorrow, that is elusive and when you are ready to catch it, becomes today.

So, it’s about time to start the ball rolling and concentrate on your passion. For me it means working on my book – and my blog. And connecting with people – it means a lot to me (thanks, Andrew!).

For you, it means the other exciting things, that can be brought to life. At last! After days, weeks and months of meaningless postponing.

start fresh in 2015


Tell me about your dream project, that you will make in 2015.

Flood the comments with your projects!

And ta-da-da-daaam! Champagne.


  1. Jeffrey Wilson

    I started this “simple” Project where this worn out piano has a human heart that’s been there for some time all covered in cob webs, Using your alpha advice its working out. After playing with brushes in photo shop i soon learned how to pull them off. Its all in the resolution.But working on this I feel so inspired that I now NEED to make a entire room filled with cold gloomy things. I would like to see more tips on pulling of cold and dark and shadows.

    • Jeffrey, already want to see your dark room. I like that stuff – grungy, abandoned, gloomy.

  2. Mason Menzies

    love your work man, you should not be thanking us, we should be thanking you. here is to another year of success! i want to get a job to be an architecture visualizer in 2015 using purely blender and cycles.

  3. rickles13

    Happy New Year to you and your wife Gleb. Great work and creations always look forward to seeing your tuts

  4. Daniel Ordonez

    Happy new year from Chicago!

    • Daniel, sounds good! 🙂 Then, happy new year from Brest. All the best and tons of inspiration in sculpting and every other endeavor.

  5. Markus

    Happy new year! I’ve already started with my dream project for 2015 last week. I am going to do an ArchViz of the house of art in Munich. I want to go beyond my “2014 borders” when it comes to photorealism (shader creation, lighting and rendering). Thank you for maintaining this wonderful blog. 😀 Cheers Markus

  6. Randy Brooks

    Hi Gleb,
    I also am interested in dark, abandoned, and weathered scenes. I believe a tutorial on how to light a scene like this would be awesome.

    • Randy, I’m hugely interested in that type of setting. I will try to figure out, what to focus on while writing such tutorial. Particular lighting setup? Shadow play? Or maybe lighting and mood connection? Something along these lines.

      • Randy Brooks

        Lighting setup would be very helpful. In particular I am trying for an abandoned amusement park that is creepy. I didn’t even think about shadow play. It is difficult to light the scene to where you can still see and maintain that scared feeling of being in the dark.

        Thanks for all that you do!

  7. Nathan L.

    I want to create a landscape scene in 2015. I think I am finally ready. (I have attempted them before) Still, I can’t wait for the lighting book I will definitely get it as lighting could add some interest to my scenes. Thank you for the awesome tutorials and articles 🙂

  8. Using MoCap to capture my choreography and applying it to rigged human or other models to create music video.
    1) My human models are in a format that either explodes in Blender or loads without rigging. Using Rigify-poly the mesh doesn’t respond to the rig.

    2) The only affordable MoCap system has changed its spec and I am waiting for updates.

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