Blender Tutorial: 14 Non-photoreal Stylization Techniques (Advanced)

    In this bonus tutorial from Creating Stylized 3D Art in Blender we’ll explore 14 different non-photoreal stylization techniques.


    The course on Blender Market
    On Gumroad

    Retro Color Quantization shader (Eevee, Cycles) by Alex Hesket

    BEER/MALT (Blender NPR Project)

    Blender Tutorial Highlights:

    Toon Shading (Simple)
    Retro Color Quantization
    Comic Book (Into the Spiderverse-style DOF)
    Abstract Toon (Cycles Denoising)
    Voxel Art
    Projected Painted Texture
    Toon Shading (Advanced)
    Outlines (Realtime)
    …and more!