Why No Lighting is the Best Lighting Sometimes?

How to look at silhouettes instead of form

Curiously, leaving a figure unlit is sometimes the best lighting setup you can imagine. For me, it was one of those aha! moments when I noticed that lines, shapes, silhouettes can be more interesting than the three dimensional objects themselves. The question is: can you reset your vision, like creators of Limbo did?

Ambient Lighting: Embrace the Dull

Learn a few pros of moving away from three-point lighting

Ambient lighting – I don’t mind if you call it dull and gray – should be loved and praised for its grayness and flatness. As it usually happens, by taking out the form, we gain something even more valuable: composition unity and vibrant colors. Learn why by reading this tutorial.

5 Tips for Creating a Wild Grass Field, That Looks Believable

Experimenting with the Grass Essentials pack by Andrew Price

A wild grass field, silent and still… It’s always exciting to watch how a landscape that you are creating comes to life. This time, I was given early access to The Grass Essentials pack by Andrew Price. And thus, the most tedious process of creating grass blades by hand was moved completely out of the equation.