5 Tips for Creating a Wild Grass Field, That Looks Believable

Experimenting with the Grass Essentials pack by Andrew Price

A wild grass field, silent and still… It’s always exciting to watch how a landscape that you are creating comes to life. This time, I was given early access to The Grass Essentials pack by Andrew Price. And thus, the most tedious process of creating grass blades by hand was moved completely out of the equation.

Introduction to Low Key Lighting. When Less is More

Lighting for Nerds Chapter #4

Learn the basics of Low Key Lighting to create dark scenes, full of drama and mystery. Abandoned Blackwood Manor at night? Alien infested spaceship? Film Noir style close-up? Possibilities for this dark-side setup are endless, especially if you appreciate the constraints of less is more principle.

2015 – Some Words and A Hug

You keep me afloat, that’s it.  Let’s continue pushing the trend of crazy-quick tutorials further in 2015.  With your interest and support, I’m looking forward to the bunch of fresh, mind-blowing projects.

The Hobbit: There and Back Again

Dedicated to J.R.R. Tolkien’s world, that is still lurking somewhere around that corner. About the image Imaginary attic, with the book hidden somewhere in its depths, was pretty damn visually provoking (at least, when I imagined it).