The Secret of Making High-Quality Art (in Blender and Everywhere)


    Here’s my talk from Blender Conference 2017 about the secret of making high-quality art. Hint: it’s about arranging big, medium and small shapes inside the composition.

    The Slides

    creative shrimp
    3d renders
    neil blevins
    neil blevins
    neil blevins
    awesome renders

    Links and Special Thanks:

    Neil Blevins

    Vitaly Bulgarov

    Daniel Bystedt

    Steve Lund

    James Miller

    Jerry Perkins

    James O’Brien (Vadim Ignatiev)

    Tor Frick

    Ben Wilson

    Jonas Ronnegard

    Jonathan Benainous

    Wesley Griffith

    Cedric Seaut

    Daniel Thiger


    Sinix Design

    Aidy Burrows

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    Do you think this concept is helpful or is it inventing a bicycle? Did you try that technique on your own renders to see if a shape distribution looks right?

    Share your thoughts and maybe even renders/paintovers.


    1. alex saplacan

      Interesting talk, Gleb! I’ll definitely look at the compositions with different eyes from now on.
      Thanks for that.

    2. Anthony Rosbottom

      Amazing article. Not following primary, secondary & tertiary shape relationships catches me out in my traditional media (non-CG) work all the time.
      This will improve my drawing no end.
      Cheers Gleb

      • Wisnu Danur Wendo

        hey anthony,,
        if i may ask, where is the primary, secondary and tertiary shape comes from( not from neil blevin one )?
        i’ve tried to search it everywhere but cannot find it,

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