Rock’n’Roll Podcast Episode 2: Still Alive on the Guitar

gleb alexandrov

Hey Blenderheads and Metalheads! In this episode of Rock’n’Roll Podcast we are going to listen to Still Alive song from Portal. And in the next freaking exciting tutorial we will learn how to play it on the guitar.

P.S. April, 1’st!

If you want to discuss this tutorial with Youtube peeps, here we go

You (and a little bit of me) will change the music industry forever. Feel free to share!


  1. Charlie Ringström

    Haha, wasn’t expecting this! Didn’t know about your musical talent!
    You’re on the SECOND podcast, and you have already done a bonus episode! You’ll never get normal, will you? 🙂

      • Charlie Ringström

        Wait, wait – Aprils fool joke? 🙂
        Still good though!

  2. Java

    Rock’n on the GUI’-TAR

  3. Mason Menzies

    i don’t know if this was a april fools joke, but damn! your good! i want more! xD

  4. Naman Afle

    Awesome!! reminds me of beach and palm trees at 7 pm 🙂

  5. Ryan Sweeney

    If I’m ever in Belarus, I’d love to swing by and jam with you. I have yet to leave North America…

    • Ryan Sweeney

      ummm… where is Rock and Roll Podcast #1? I’m not finding it…

  6. Java

    Hey Gleb! I’ve been working a lot on a lotus flower scene ever since you put up the plant tutorial, but the material is acting a little strange. I’ve fiddled around a bit with it, but I can’t figure out what’s wrong. here’s the link.

  7. Joey Bennett

    XD I liked it actually! 😛

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