How do you fight procrastination?


    How do you fight procrastination? Join the discussion in the comments below.

    My answer: do nothing, enjoy if possible, do project B instead of project A. Bullshit.

    Music: Otis McDonald, Youtube Audio Library


    1. For me is doing nothing then nothing and I’m still fighting with it I have no idea what’s going on but I’ll alwyas keep Blending gleb 😉

    2. Nihal Rahman

      If ” Planed Procrastination” is a thing , then i do that

    3. Sami Skouri

      For me procrastinating make me depression so ill procastinate more^^ then i depress more so… meh i just trying to make random stuff in blender or zbrush or else just to not make nothing 😀

    4. Jean-Marc

      I swear I will watch this video tomorrow…it’s on my to do list…

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