Infographics: 22 Steps to Getting Your Project Done (Without Being Inspired)


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Useful Links in the Infographics:

The One Thing by Gary Keller – this book will influence how you perceive the success, the work, the life and the cookies (I have eaten a lot of those with coffee).

Gary Vaynerchuk –  throws tons of useful content at us – which is MUST SEE if you are into social media.

Smart Passive Income – Everything regarding social media marketing from Pat Flynn. Recommend, especially his podcasts.

Smartcuts: How Hackers, Innovators, and Icons Accelerate Success by Shane Snow – read this book to learn how to achieve your goals faster and smarter.

Steal Like An Artist by Austin Kleon – it was super enjoyable and liberating reading for me. And I bet you will be excited about it too. Give this book a try!

Do You Agree With Me That Inspiration Sucks?

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  1. Michel Rochette

    Very clever way to get the job done Gleb. Thanks for the share.

  2. Taylor Brown

    Thanks man!

  3. Zweite Identität

    Hey Gleb, What do you think? 🙂

    • Hi, I think that you have nicely depicted the metaphor of difference and loneliness. 😉

      • Zweite Identität

        Haha, yes, that was the goal 😀

      • Tailor Jay

        Gleb i have not batter GPU yet.. i using intel HD 4000 🙁

  4. Jean-Marc

    Awesome infographic sir. You are a true thinker and I see philosophy pouring through your art.
    My fav is number 6. But the magic always happens in the unsaid.
    Keep inspiring us!

    • “But the magic always happens in the unsaid.” – nicely said. Agree with you! Aesthetic experience is something that can hardly be put into words.

  5. CrazyEngine

    Gonna print this thingy and attach it to a wall in my room xD awesome! Thanks!

  6. grinsegold

    I’m affraid this is not just a sad joke, right? You’re serious, aren’t you? My suggestion: if you aren’t inspired, hands off the art. Just wait. Don’t prostitute the muse by doing meaningless mediocrity for money. We will love you even more if you tie up to the quality content of your early posts. But you will lose us if you continue doing what you insolently bared here.

    • CrazyEngine

      Don’t use the word “us”. He’s trying to say that you can create art even though you aren’t inspired at the moment. This infographic is more or less a set of rules which are likely very useful for moving forward if you want to get things done and learn new stuff by doing it, even if you aren’t inspired at the moment… And I hope that you understand his wonderful sarcasm after reading even his first posts 😀 -> Step 7
      I guess that he’s trying to show that a small dose of stress and some kind of a deadline would help in most cases to achieve more than before in the same period of time. He’s not saying that you don’t need inspiration but he is creating some kind of it with that whole graphic by telling the basics of creating art. (steal and remix, and so on.)

      I, for myself, am very glad that Gleb is producing such philosophical and inspiring stuff, it helps me a lot. Thanks for that.


      • Thank you mate 😛 Indeed, we can play with the word “inspiration” as we want. For example, if by saying “inspiration” we mean the ability to have fun while creating our images, then a few cups of coffee will do.

    • Thanks for your opinion, grinsegold. I appreciate it!

      Actually, I think that the concept of inspiration (an interaction with a muse) came from The Renaissance. And when it’s used in today’s world of pretty insane Postmodernism, it starts to lose its meanings. What else can we do, when the Author and the Originality is almost a meaningless words? What can we do if nothing is original and pop-culture erases the borders between fine art and mass production.

      What artists do is remix and compile and mash-up the ideas of others.

      By the way, what do you mean by “meaningless mediocrity”? What is then a meaningful art?


    • You’re ‘aving larf right? Seriously though waiting for inspiration to hit is not a good plan to making inspiring art. Im sure you know of that Beeple guy ( He has sat at his desk everday for the past 3000 days and makes art. Sure some of it is not so great but if he had waited for inspiration to strike do you think he would have produced as much great work as he has done? Whatever gets the job done.

  7. Uncle Snail

    Hey, nice new tutorial. I like your steps. Is there a trend of tutorials about productivity on all the different websites.

    • I guess that is evergreen trend. Productivity, motivation, inspiration and other means of hiding from ‘Just do it’ principle 🙂

  8. Alex Kolpakov

    Hi Gleb, can I steal your crocodile looking guy and use it for my own stuff according to “step 2”.

    • Yes, Alex. Feel free to steal it and use it. But on the other hand, if you ask for permission, that is not stealing :))

      Do you want me to post a link to .png file with transparency?

  9. Yanbo Zhang

    Thanks for your tutorial, but the fonts you used are hard to read. >_<

    • Yeah, I’ll try to make it more readable next time 🙂

  10. Yulia Kalashnikova

    great infographics 🙂

  11. You’re as good at making infographics, as you are at making awesome Blender renders 😉 what software did you use?

  12. Fareed

    Hi Gleb, do you know or make any good tutorial about 3DSMAX transitioning user to Blender ?

  13. Jorge Luis Socorro Batista

    Hi Gleb!! Would be cool to know the name of that awesome handwritten font you used!! (Guess it’s an open font)
    I’m a big fan!! Thank you for your amazing web and all the positive vibes in your work!!

  14. Bryan Eaton

    Went and bought the book the next day XD Great book and great article!

  15. Erick Ganem

    Great information! Thanks for sharing, it’s very inspiring! @Spelle:disqus

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