Update Vlog: Hard-surface Modeling in Blender 2.8

    Hi! Sharing a progress of the upcoming 2.8 update for the Hard-surface Modeling in Blender course.

    It’ll be a free-for-all update, which already looks almost like a new mini-course, judging by the w.i.p. files. It’ll feature some of the HSM videos, reimagined for Blender 2.8 as well as brand new chapters like 50 Modeling Issues From Hell.

    Release date: when it’s done, but pretty soon.

    Stay tuned and subscribe to our newsletter if you want to track the further progress of this update.

    Music: Thirty First Dream by Otis McDonald (Youtube audio library)

    Blender Conference 2019

    Hard-surface Modeling in Blender (2.79 version)


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