GDevelop web game creator: open beta


    No coding, visual editor and HTML5 goodness of creating simple games in the browser – that’s how this tool is being presented. Tested it and I can say that the level editor looks friendly enough and the game logic is driven by actions and conditions.

    In the beta package, platformer and shooter templates included. Give it a try.



    1. 4ian

      Hi Spelle,

      I’m the GDevelop lead developer and I just stumble upon this little article about the web app, many thanks for writing it! 😀

    2. 4ian, thank you for this startup! Looking forward to the development and the updates. I’m highly interested in this kind of stuff that is meant to lower the entry barrier into indie gamedev. It’s good for us all, and for the ecosystem of game engines, so I’ll keep an eye on it 🙂

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