EbSynth Tutorial – Mind-blowing Style Transfer App (That’s Free)

    What if you could instantaneously turn your CG animations into a stylized art? Now, that’s actually possible with EbSynth, a new free app by Secret Weapons. EbSynth takes a stylized keyframe as a guide and intelligently propagates the style of this keyframe to the entire video sequence.

    Download the Project Files

    The painted-over duck render
    Van Gogh-esque swirls via DeepDreamGenerator
    The Eevee render #1 (version with textures)
    The Eevee render #2 (version without textures)
    Producing a keyframe for the Eevee checkerboard animation




    3D Style Transfer (Two Minute Papers Youtube channel)

    EbSynth video demo

    Secret Weapons on Twitter

    EbSynth Tutorial by Eugeny Palamarchuk (Russian version)

    Blender 2.8




    Pureref tutorial

    Over to You

    Want to test EbSynth to turn your favorite movie sequence into art? Make sure to post your results on Twitter under the #ebsynth hashtag, this way we will see each other’s experiments.