SURVEY: What topic do you want to learn about most?


    Hey Blenderheads, what are you interested in most when it comes to Blender? Pick 1 major thing and 3 minor things from this list. Post your answers in the comments below.

    Blender Survey

    What do you want from Creative Shrimp? Pick 1 major thing and 3 minor things that you would like to learn about and post it in the comments below (or in the Youtube comments).

    • Modeling

    • Texturing

    • Lighting

    • Sculpting

    • Cycles Rendering

    • Eevee Rendering

    • Simulations

    • Rigging

    • Animation

    • General Workflow Tips

    • Other

    I appreciate your time! Thanks so much.

    • Major: Rigging
      Minor: Cycles Rendering / Simulations / Eevee Rendering

      • Yves, I see what you’re going to do 😉 beautifully rendered ocean sim perhaps.

        • Haha yes why not. And all in real-time in 2.8. 😉

        • Gilles Charbonneau

          I spent a lot of time working with ocean sim, they are a pain in Blender, especially infinite oceans, I would love a tutorial on an efficient way of making an infinite ocean with interaction in Blender! 🙂

    • Stefan

      Major: Modeling
      Minor: Cycles Rendering, Simulations, General Workflow Tips

    • Ewa

      Major: Modeling
      Minor: General workflow tips, Texturing, Rigging

      • Ewa, my army of servants has already documented your answer.

    • Povilas

      Major: Modeling
      Minor: Lighting, simulations, animation

    • Relaxbacteria

      Rigging / Lighting, Sculpting, Animation

    • Ammar Galih Suwarno

      major : modelling
      minor : texturing, cycle rendering, and general workflow tips

    • Franck Thomas

      major, rigging
      minor, animation, cycles, simulation

      thanks for asking.

    • Abdou

      Major : rigging
      Minor : animation

    • David Boros

      Major: Eevee Rendering

    • Anej Golčar

      Major: Animation
      Minor: Rigging, simulation, Cycles rendering

    • Siglinde Museler

      Major: Animation (especially timing)
      Minor: simulation, cycles rendering, evee rendering

    • Aron

      1. Texturing would be nice, especially grunge/dirt etc. at specific places of an object (more grunge at the bottom and things like this)

      2. Modeling

      3. Simulations

      4. Lighting

    • shivraj deshpande

      Major: Eevee Rendering
      Minor: Lighting, Animation, Cycles Rendering

    • Maciej Gościmiński

      Major: Eevee Rendering
      Minor: Modeling, Texturing, Animation

    • 마미르

      Major: Modeling complex models
      Minor:Animating(scenes where characters physically interact with each other. Such as fight scenes), lighting(color grading too!), simulation

    • Niels Korteling

      Eevee and Rigging

      • Eevee is so hot! absolutely trending in today’s Blender world.

        • Niels Korteling

          Agree with Cody too, VFX would be fun too.
          Eevee is just so cool, but it takes some adjustment. I work in Unity at work, but I see so much promising works coming from Eevee, it just takes some work to get stuff done in there because it is a slightly different workflow and thinking compared to other realtime renderers. I just need a springboard to go wild basically 😀

      • Cody

        I’d agree with these 100%. The only other thought might be some type VFX

    • Jonnie Darko

      Minor: texture, simulations

    • victorborges

      Gleb, my friend…
      I would love to get some high poly to low poly baking and sculpting tips in blender.
      And lighting composition 🙂

    • Jaroslav Ďuriš

      Major: Mechanical Rigging. (From industrial robots to Transformers. This topic is extremely overlooked)
      Minor: Modeling, Animation, maybe Eevee VR.

    • Todd MacLean

      1. MAJOR: Eevee Rendering is a definite for me
      2. SLIGHTLY LESS MAJOR: combining blender vfx with real world footage (along the lines of what they accomplished in “Tears of Steel”)
      3. Minor: Sculpting
      4. Minor: Texturing (o those pesky uv’s!)

      • Eevee is now on a huge surge of popularity, I’m tempted to just start digging it and then make a tutorial. But alas, maybe later.
        p.s. Aidy Burrows is working to make an AMAZING Eevee tutorial. I saw the thumbnail, and I’m still drooling. He’ll publish it on CgMasters’ Youtube channel.

    • Paulo Henrique de Carvalho

      Major: Lightning
      Minor: Cycles rendering, texturing (baking) and Eevee Rendering

    • Johannes Knudsen

      Major: VFX(real world footage combined with 3d objects and effects)
      Minor: Simulations, Modeling, Lighting

    • Jose E Velazquez

      Major: Modeling
      Minor Texturing, Cycles Rendering and Lighting

    • Diana Martinez Castillo

      Major : General Workflow Tips
      Minors : Modeling , sculpting , rigging

    • Scott Hill

      Major: lighting
      Minors: lighting, lighting, lighting

    • Diana Martinez Castillo

      and 3d motion graphics 🙂 that would be interesting

    • Gilles Charbonneau

      Major: A tutorial on interactive infinite oceans.
      Minors: Lighting, rendering, Eevee

      • uh oh, interactive infinite oceans. You have a good taste, Gilles.

    • Sherif Dauda

      Major: Sculpting
      Minor: Texturing, Lighting, Animation

    • Pablo Díaz

      Major: Modeling Techniques (Hard surface and organic, feel free to include Sculpting and Re-topology, if you consider it necessary in the process)
      Minor: Textures using nodes only, Lighting, Rendering

    • Michael Adam Prostka

      Major: General workflow
      Minor: Modeling, Lighting, Cycles rendering.

    • brent kjernisted

      I would like some tutorials to do with baroque furniture modeling like those models done by 1D. see 1D Rolf Benz Pouf on youtube. Folds and Notches.The other topics I would like covered are texturing and lighting. Thanks

      • So, hardcore modeling plus texturing and lighting to present it in a superb way. Ok then!

    • brent kjernisted

      The 1D Pouf is great but done too quickly without voice for a beginner. 1D’s Rombi collection is great and something I want too invest in. Thanks Gleb.

    • brent kjernisted

      I would gladly pay the cost of the Rombi collection for a great tutorial on modeling, texturing and lighting these kinds of models.

    • Niels Philipsen

      Major: Rigging
      Minor: Cycles rendering, eevee, simulations

    • Alex Silver

      Texturing(major), rigging, simulations, eevee

    • Rumit dhamecha

      Major : Sculpting
      Minor : Simulations, Rigging, and eevee Redering.

    • Antonis Bouras

      Major: Rigging
      Minor: Workflow tips, simulations, sculpting

    • Bolaji Dele-Adelodun

      Major: Simulations
      Minor: Rigging, animation and putting CG and real footage together

    • Anton Popczynski

      Major: Simulations

      Minor: Texturing, Modeling, Scene building tips

    • ocasoprotal

      Major: Rigging
      Minor: Rigging, Rigging and Rigging!

    • Janne Hyyryläinen

      Major: Simulations
      Minor: Rigging, Animation,Texturing

    • Javier Santos


    • Lee Hester

      Major = post processing / compositing
      Minor = lighting, modeling, rendering

    • Paweł

      Major: Principled BSDF.
      Minor: Hard surface modeling, more lighting, post production.

    • Wanilson Figueiredo

      Major: Modeling (definitely!)
      Minor: General Workflow Tips, texturing, simulations

    • Paris Saliveros

      Please do some science fiction Modelling and workflow tutorials.

      I love the way you do the tutorials

    • Guillermo Malo

      Major: i think rigging is one of those things that need to be covered in deep, a consistent workflow on this topic will be much aprecciated.

      Minor: hard surface modelling from concept or blueprints.
      Great work Gleb!!

    • Human base modeling I wanna learn the whole process modeling retopology riggin texturing and if possible the animation process different stuff like walking etc

    • Alexander Herzog

      Some sculpting and hardsurface modeling of complex things would be awesome! Maybe a car?

    • mahimna joshi

      Complete course on character design and principles of modelling more like an art advice into mental process and psychology

    • ola wale

      Priority: Texturing.
      Minor: Lighting, Modeling and Animation.

    • saipavan

      Major: modelling(hard surface and complex models)
      Minor: Texturing(most importantly procedural), lighting, simulations.
      Thanks. 😀

    • Holden Caulfield

      Animation! plz moving a camera cuts, hide and show objects…