SURVEY: What topic do you want to learn about most?


    Hey Blenderheads, what are you interested in most when it comes to Blender? Pick 1 major thing and 3 minor things from this list. Post your answers in the comments below.

    Blender Survey

    What do you want from Creative Shrimp? Pick 1 major thing and 3 minor things that you would like to learn about and post it in the comments below (or in the Youtube comments).

    • Modeling

    • Texturing

    • Lighting

    • Sculpting

    • Cycles Rendering

    • Eevee Rendering

    • Simulations

    • Rigging

    • Animation

    • General Workflow Tips

    • Other

    I appreciate your time! Thanks so much.


    1. Major: Rigging
      Minor: Cycles Rendering / Simulations / Eevee Rendering

      • Yves, I see what you’re going to do 😉 beautifully rendered ocean sim perhaps.

        • Haha yes why not. And all in real-time in 2.8. 😉

        • Gilles Charbonneau

          I spent a lot of time working with ocean sim, they are a pain in Blender, especially infinite oceans, I would love a tutorial on an efficient way of making an infinite ocean with interaction in Blender! 🙂

    2. Stefan

      Major: Modeling
      Minor: Cycles Rendering, Simulations, General Workflow Tips

    3. Ewa

      Major: Modeling
      Minor: General workflow tips, Texturing, Rigging

      • Ewa, my army of servants has already documented your answer.

    4. Povilas

      Major: Modeling
      Minor: Lighting, simulations, animation

    5. Relaxbacteria

      Rigging / Lighting, Sculpting, Animation

    6. Ammar Galih Suwarno

      major : modelling
      minor : texturing, cycle rendering, and general workflow tips

    7. Franck Thomas

      major, rigging
      minor, animation, cycles, simulation

      thanks for asking.

    8. Abdou

      Major : rigging
      Minor : animation

    9. David Boros

      Major: Eevee Rendering

    10. Anej Golčar

      Major: Animation
      Minor: Rigging, simulation, Cycles rendering

    11. Siglinde Museler

      Major: Animation (especially timing)
      Minor: simulation, cycles rendering, evee rendering

    12. Aron

      1. Texturing would be nice, especially grunge/dirt etc. at specific places of an object (more grunge at the bottom and things like this)

      2. Modeling

      3. Simulations

      4. Lighting

    13. shivraj deshpande

      Major: Eevee Rendering
      Minor: Lighting, Animation, Cycles Rendering

    14. Maciej Gościmiński

      Major: Eevee Rendering
      Minor: Modeling, Texturing, Animation

    15. 마미르

      Major: Modeling complex models
      Minor:Animating(scenes where characters physically interact with each other. Such as fight scenes), lighting(color grading too!), simulation

    16. Niels Korteling

      Eevee and Rigging

      • Eevee is so hot! absolutely trending in today’s Blender world.

        • Niels Korteling

          Agree with Cody too, VFX would be fun too.
          Eevee is just so cool, but it takes some adjustment. I work in Unity at work, but I see so much promising works coming from Eevee, it just takes some work to get stuff done in there because it is a slightly different workflow and thinking compared to other realtime renderers. I just need a springboard to go wild basically 😀

      • Cody

        I’d agree with these 100%. The only other thought might be some type VFX

    17. Jonnie Darko

      Minor: texture, simulations

    18. victorborges

      Gleb, my friend…
      I would love to get some high poly to low poly baking and sculpting tips in blender.
      And lighting composition 🙂

    19. Jaroslav Ďuriš

      Major: Mechanical Rigging. (From industrial robots to Transformers. This topic is extremely overlooked)
      Minor: Modeling, Animation, maybe Eevee VR.

    20. Todd MacLean

      1. MAJOR: Eevee Rendering is a definite for me
      2. SLIGHTLY LESS MAJOR: combining blender vfx with real world footage (along the lines of what they accomplished in “Tears of Steel”)
      3. Minor: Sculpting
      4. Minor: Texturing (o those pesky uv’s!)

      • Eevee is now on a huge surge of popularity, I’m tempted to just start digging it and then make a tutorial. But alas, maybe later.
        p.s. Aidy Burrows is working to make an AMAZING Eevee tutorial. I saw the thumbnail, and I’m still drooling. He’ll publish it on CgMasters’ Youtube channel.

    21. Paulo Henrique de Carvalho

      Major: Lightning
      Minor: Cycles rendering, texturing (baking) and Eevee Rendering

    22. Johannes Knudsen

      Major: VFX(real world footage combined with 3d objects and effects)
      Minor: Simulations, Modeling, Lighting

    23. Jose E Velazquez

      Major: Modeling
      Minor Texturing, Cycles Rendering and Lighting

    24. Diana Martinez Castillo

      Major : General Workflow Tips
      Minors : Modeling , sculpting , rigging

    25. Scott Hill

      Major: lighting
      Minors: lighting, lighting, lighting

    26. Diana Martinez Castillo

      and 3d motion graphics 🙂 that would be interesting

    27. Gilles Charbonneau

      Major: A tutorial on interactive infinite oceans.
      Minors: Lighting, rendering, Eevee

      • uh oh, interactive infinite oceans. You have a good taste, Gilles.

    28. Sherif Dauda

      Major: Sculpting
      Minor: Texturing, Lighting, Animation

    29. Pablo Díaz

      Major: Modeling Techniques (Hard surface and organic, feel free to include Sculpting and Re-topology, if you consider it necessary in the process)
      Minor: Textures using nodes only, Lighting, Rendering

    30. Michael Adam Prostka

      Major: General workflow
      Minor: Modeling, Lighting, Cycles rendering.

    31. brent kjernisted

      I would like some tutorials to do with baroque furniture modeling like those models done by 1D. see 1D Rolf Benz Pouf on youtube. Folds and Notches.The other topics I would like covered are texturing and lighting. Thanks

      • So, hardcore modeling plus texturing and lighting to present it in a superb way. Ok then!

    32. brent kjernisted

      The 1D Pouf is great but done too quickly without voice for a beginner. 1D’s Rombi collection is great and something I want too invest in. Thanks Gleb.

    33. brent kjernisted

      I would gladly pay the cost of the Rombi collection for a great tutorial on modeling, texturing and lighting these kinds of models.

    34. Niels Philipsen

      Major: Rigging
      Minor: Cycles rendering, eevee, simulations

    35. Alex Silver

      Texturing(major), rigging, simulations, eevee

    36. Rumit dhamecha

      Major : Sculpting
      Minor : Simulations, Rigging, and eevee Redering.

    37. Antonis Bouras

      Major: Rigging
      Minor: Workflow tips, simulations, sculpting

    38. Bolaji Dele-Adelodun

      Major: Simulations
      Minor: Rigging, animation and putting CG and real footage together

    39. Anton Popczynski

      Major: Simulations

      Minor: Texturing, Modeling, Scene building tips

    40. ocasoprotal

      Major: Rigging
      Minor: Rigging, Rigging and Rigging!

    41. Janne Hyyryläinen

      Major: Simulations
      Minor: Rigging, Animation,Texturing

    42. Javier Santos


    43. Lee Hester

      Major = post processing / compositing
      Minor = lighting, modeling, rendering

    44. Paweł

      Major: Principled BSDF.
      Minor: Hard surface modeling, more lighting, post production.

    45. Wanilson Figueiredo

      Major: Modeling (definitely!)
      Minor: General Workflow Tips, texturing, simulations

    46. Paris Saliveros

      Please do some science fiction Modelling and workflow tutorials.

      I love the way you do the tutorials

    47. Guillermo Malo

      Major: i think rigging is one of those things that need to be covered in deep, a consistent workflow on this topic will be much aprecciated.

      Minor: hard surface modelling from concept or blueprints.
      Great work Gleb!!

    48. Human base modeling I wanna learn the whole process modeling retopology riggin texturing and if possible the animation process different stuff like walking etc

    49. Alexander Herzog

      Some sculpting and hardsurface modeling of complex things would be awesome! Maybe a car?

    50. mahimna joshi

      Complete course on character design and principles of modelling more like an art advice into mental process and psychology

    51. ola wale

      Priority: Texturing.
      Minor: Lighting, Modeling and Animation.

    52. saipavan

      Major: modelling(hard surface and complex models)
      Minor: Texturing(most importantly procedural), lighting, simulations.
      Thanks. 😀

    53. Holden Caulfield

      Animation! plz moving a camera cuts, hide and show objects…

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