AskMeAnything with Gleb| Blender, Lighting, Procrastination and Coffee

    Get yourself a cup of coffee and watch this AskMeAnything session where I ramble for 50+ minutes straight to relaxing ambient soundtrack. About Blender, lighting, cinematography, nerdy rendering-related things, how to deal with procrastination and what’s my favorite cup of coffee.


    Ukrainian podcast on procrastination

    Ambient music #1: Drifting at 432 Hz – Unicorn Heads

    Ambient music #2: Maestro Tlakaelel – Jesse Gallagher

    Ambient music #3: Spirit of Fire – Jesse Gallagher

    Stars of the Lid: the Tired Sound of Stars of the Lid

    Hard-surface Modeling course

    Texturing for Beginners: Top 14 Ways to Mix Textures and Shaders (in Blender)

    Unsplash – CC0 images

    Physical Starlight and Atmosphere

    Trash Kit


    UV Pack Master

    Cinematic Lighting in Blender course

    Wirtualne Muzea Małopolski

    7 Qualities of Light (Everyone Needs to Know)

    Color and Light: A Guide for the Realist Painter by James Gurney

    Roger Deakins

    The 50 best photographers ever

    William Landgren – The Drink

    Takeout – Blender short

    VOLTA – Blender Short

    GPT Chat’s AI is writing Blender Python now

    Creating Environment in Blender using Quixel Megascans


    High-key Lighting in Eevee | Blender Lighting Tutorial

    Alvin Toffler – The 3rd Wave

    Jackimorphic Camera Pack V1.0

    Jactual Cameras 1

    The Petzval effect

    50 Modelling Issues From Hell

    Designing with Light: the Light Science and Practice of Architectural 
    Lighting Design

    Troy Sobotka on Mastodon

    The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Digital Colour

    The Pomodoro technique

    Ales Bialiatski

    Thank you for watching!