#AskGleb Podcast Ep 11: Why People Frown Upon Post-processing or Matte Painting?


You ask questions about art, graphics, inspiration and whatever you like. And I answer these questions in the most stupid way. This is the #AskGleb podcast.

In This Episode

• How to keep a clear vision throughout the project?

• Why people frown upon post-processing or matte painting?

• French press or Aeropress?

Pareto Principle (The 80/20 Rule)

• Have you already played Inside yet?

(Check the full walkthrough without commentary on Youtube)

• How Agisoft Photoscan compares to 123D Catch?

Note: 123D Catch will fall into oblivion soon. So if you want something similar, check Autodesk Remake instead. It has a free version.


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Do You Think That Matte Painting is Cheating?

Join the discussion and let us know your thought about this. Do you think that a heavy post-processing over 3D render is cheating? Is it okay to use the matte painting elements in 3D work?

Answer in the comments below 🙂

Thanks guys!