20+ Brain-twisting GIF Artworks of Adam Pizurny

    adam pizurny art

    From the moment I saw these ooze-dripping fragmented body parts, I knew that Adam Pizurny got it. This disturbing aesthetics is something that you can’t take your eyes off.  Like a body artfully dissected by Hannibal Lecter.

    The art magazines will stalk Adam. They’ll beg for an interview, mark my words.

    About Adam Pizurny

    People call Adam a Gif Artist. As he mentions: “No one knows what it means but it sounds cool!”. Adam explores the human perception of itself, and does it using the human body as an object matter. I find his series on the mental disorders to be charming.
    “It started about a year ago when i realized that some other people may also enjoy those funny and weird things I make in Blender. So enjoy those weird gifs and happy blending from Prague!”

    Meanwhile, here are 20+ GIF artworks for the Creative Shrimp geeks.

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    1. Warren D. M. Reed

      a fantastic massage for the eyes and the mind.

      • Warren, that’s a great way to describe it! My brain feels relaxed and anxious at the same time.

    2. Emmanuel Bouvier


    3. Joshua Merrill

      so rad!!

    4. I’m really freaked out right now.

      I mean that in the best way possible.

      • That’s why I think that the art magazines will be stalking Adam.

    5. vigneshwaran

      oh my god….it is amazing

    6. Cristina Ducci

      Amazing work! Thanks for sharing.

    7. agnesluvso

      after seeing these master gifs my mind is in ecstasy mode! Thanks for sharing!!

    8. Taffi Tasteless

      what a kicking inspiration! 1000 thx for sharing!

    9. Spooikypok_Dev


    10. Wow! Just wow! That’s pure art!

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