20+ Brain-twisting GIF Artworks of Adam Pizurny

    adam pizurny art

    From the moment I saw these ooze-dripping fragmented body parts, I knew that Adam Pizurny got it. This disturbing aesthetics is something that you can’t take your eyes off.  Like a body artfully dissected by Hannibal Lecter.

    The art magazines will stalk Adam. They’ll beg for an interview, mark my words.

    About Adam Pizurny

    People call Adam a Gif Artist. As he mentions: “No one knows what it means but it sounds cool!”. Adam explores the human perception of itself, and does it using the human body as an object matter. I find his series on the mental disorders to be charming.
    “It started about a year ago when i realized that some other people may also enjoy those funny and weird things I make in Blender. So enjoy those weird gifs and happy blending from Prague!”

    Meanwhile, here are 20+ GIF artworks for the Creative Shrimp geeks.


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