TOP 50+ Planets in Sci-fi Movies (1968-2016)

    planets in the movies

    Here’s our mega collection of the eye-popping planets from sci-fi movies, put in chronological order (1972-2016). The most prominent planet designs from Solaris, Star Wars, Alien, Avatar and other Hollywood movies that all of you have watched. Use it as a reference to create the new planets, or just enjoy the views from outer space!

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    Want to learn how to create the planets like these yourself? Go ahead and check out Space VFX Elements: the Ultimate Guide to Creating the Galaxy in Blender.


    1. Jocelyn Strob Simard

      Nice set!

      • Thanks Jocelyn! what are your favorite 3 planets? 😀

    2. James Abell

      Thanks for the collection.

        • James Abell

          Now do “the most cheesiest budget sci fi planets but somehow retro and cool at the same time” 🙂

    3. Gordon

      Great collection, I’ve seen almost all of them. But why do you start in 1968 when your title says 1972 – 2016? And “The Force Awakens” must have left quite a big impression on you since you mention it twice 😉

      • Good catch, Gordon! 🙂 Indeed it left a big impression on me, but anyway, I fixed the double post.

    4. ludimus

      The Expanse (series) has great Scifi art.
      Love it.

    5. Great collection! I love that shot from Rogue one… with the deathstar just peeking out from behind the clouds. amazing visuals.

      • Yea, Rogue one was rich on the attractive planet shots. so many of them, ten or more.

    6. Neil Brown

      Not only do you create this amazing course, you give us this inspiration to try out or new skills.

    7. Taffi Tasteless

      wow thanks! to have it all at hand is really great!

    8. vigneshwaran

      i like 2009 – Star Trek becoz it is designed by videocopilot

    9. Grzegorz Radomski

      2009 Moon – need to be on list 😉 and 2011 Melancholia mhm maybe isn’t movie with super cosmic effects but in my top 10 scie-fi

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