50.000 SUBSCRIBERS, go go go SHRIMPS!!


    We hit 50.000 subscribers on our Youtube channel. Exciting times ahead, global nerds & artists! Thanks for your incredible support, you’re the real creative shrimps.

    Question of the Day

    What can I do for you?

    Let me know in the comments what interests you the most. What makes you feel excited. 🙂

    p.s. Thanks guys, I appreciate you. 


    1. Jean-pierre Hurel

      You are my favorite teacher, O mighty crustacean…

      What would i be the most interested ? I work on a building ( a kind of cathedral dedicated to the digestive system) and I would like to do a simple animation of it . So my questions are

      -how to improve render time for an animation.
      -how to have a “look good” visual with simple effects ? (hdri, orthographics camera, render clay etc)

      Thanks and congratulations for the 50K !

    2. It allows you to do more things? Like give us coffee? :3 Just kidding, well deserved Gleb…

    3. You Go Gleb! Before you know it you’ll be at 100,000 subscribers. 🙂

    4. Sandra D

      congrats on 50,000 subscribers! You have done a great job with your channel! 🙂 I love how you put personality in your channel.

    5. jordi torres

      congrats Gleb! about what can you do for us?…well you are the kind of lighting,shading and compositing, why not a tutorial of a complex scene involving all that? maybe a tie-fighter exploding after being shoot or whatever?

    6. Jean-pierre Hurel

      Gleb, any answer ? 🙂

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