Plz Answer this 5-Question Survey!


    Hey shrimponauts. Would you mind answering these five questions? That’ll help us to understand you better. We want to know more about you!! πŸ™‚

    1. What software do you use?

    3ds Max, Blender, Maya, Zbrush, Vue, World Machine, Terragen, Gimp, Krita, Photoshop, Unity, Unreal, anything else

    2. Are you interested in the realtime graphics or offline graphics?

    Game engines like Unreal Engine VS ray-traced offline rendering in Cycles, V-ray and so on

    3. What area of computer graphics is your major interest?

    Modeling, lighting, texturing, rigging, animation, sculpting, etc, etc

    4. What do you do for living?

    5. What can we do for you?

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    Feel free to leave your comment here in the comments below, or alternatively under the Youtube video.

    Thank you so much for your time. Much appreciated!


    1. Gene gconnell@casplism.catholi

      Hey Gleb, i Use Blender, Houdini and after effects currently also i am interested in offline graphics, i want to create animated shorts (so im interested in animation, sculpting and lighting also i would love some photography and color tips), i am currently a high school student (16) and i would love to see some tutorials on animation, sculpting, lighting, composition, color and photography fundamentals. Thanks for the great videos keep at it πŸ™‚

    2. Njordy

      1) Maya, playing with Houdini and Blender
      2) Offline
      3) Modeling and lighting
      4) Matchmove
      5) Keep producing awesome content πŸ™‚

    3. lurixM

      1. I’m using Blender and Houdini at the moment, but I’m going to get a bit more experience in 3DS Max.
      I’m using Gimp and Krita for graphical editing etc..
      2. I myself like offline graphics much more then realtime graphics.
      3. My favourite part of cg is modeling followed by simulations and all kinds of procedural works in which I sadly don’t have much experience yet.
      4. I’m a stundent right now, but I got my A-level exams next year, I’m planning to become a VFX-artist.
      I’m working on two fairly new projects at the moment. The first is a fps in ue4 but it is kind of stuck at the moment.
      I got the 2nd project is a timelapse of time for a drama group at school.
      5. What I could make use of the most are workshops that are not too expensive. For example the Movie Scene Creation workshop from Agenzas Brothers or your and Aidy Burrows latest Space VFX workshop. Maybe not just for one specific software but more a universal workflow with a certain software as an example.

      PS: I’m sorry I can’t post any screenshots of my work, i dont have any on my mobile phone.

    4. Arnim Anhut

      1) Blender (of course), Photoshop CC
      2) Offline (Cycles)
      3) Modelling & Lighting
      4) Rent-Photo-Studio-Owner (also Photographer)
      5) Share more of your super cool videos about Blender

    5. 1. Blender
      2. I have done very little real time stuff but would like to learn more.
      3. Compositing moving objects into video. especially on to characters/character manipulation.
      4. (Still in education, currently working in a hotel) I am working on a photorealistic recreation of “The Big Lez Show” at the moment.
      5. Make a tutorial on baking bump maps for characters to allow for fast animation with a low poly mesh and detailed bump map for rendering.

    6. 1) Only free software (Blender, Gimp, Inkscape, Krita etc.)

      2) Yessssss!

      3) Basicly anything.

      4) Student.

      5) Bring more of these awesome tutorials and perhaps make a video on the thoughtprocess behind your artworks.

      • By Yessssss I mean both πŸ™‚

    7. Merino

      1. Blender, ZBrush, Photoshop, a little of
      Substance Painter. Some other programms for baking, low poly or something like that.
      2. Mostly offline and just a bit of Dota 2 workshop.
      3. Everything that comes with good renders.
      4. Currently trying to make portfolio, want to make living with freelance.
      5. Some examples on how you can use certain unusual tools in blender. It widens the area of how you can work and what can you do. Space VFX was great and helpful.
      Many thanks from Russia!

    8. JooWorks

      Blender, 3Ds Max, C4D, Photoshop, Unity
      Realtime and Offline
      VR for Building industry (prerendered and realtime)
      How to hack photorealism, how to create more real VR with less rendertime.

    9. VojtΔ›ch Lacina

      1.) Maya, Zbrush, Substance, Quixel, MoI3D, Fusion360, 3dcoat, Photoshop, Blender, UE4, Marmoset
      2.) Both, but my job leads me last year mostly on realtime field
      3.) Modeling, texturing and little bit vfx/dynamics
      4.) I’m hardsurface modeler
      5.) Continue doing great and inspirational work Gleb πŸ™‚

    10. Piotr

      HI Gleb!
      I’m mostly using Blender (what a suprise :D) but also zBrush, Gimp. I am interested in “real time” graphics although I love doing “offline” stuff. Currently I’m working on automatic crossbow from Van Helsing movie. I mainly focus on modeling but lately I try to give more attention to lightning and materials. Right now I’m studying programming but I also do some free lancer’s job. If you want to do something for me/us I think everyone would be happy to see free copies of “Space VFX” πŸ˜€ but for real I think that good opurtunity to kind of grt closer to your audience would be some kind of stream with doodling around in blender, making strange things that people tell you to and merging them tougether in to wired but awesome art.
      Keep drinkin’ black water of pure inspiration πŸ˜€ and good luck with your projects.

    11. Olexandr Zymohliad

      1. Blender, Photoshop, After Effects, have some basic skills in 3Ds Max. Also want to learn Gimp, Krita, Inkscape.
      2. Both
      3. Modeling, texturing, lightning, rendering
      4. Studying and going to sell my models
      5. Would be interesting to learn something about such unusual topics as Blender Game Engine, Python console etc.

    12. Adam Farmer

      1. Blender. Substance Painter and Unreal installed….

      2. 3 short videos took 3 days to render on a render farm for a job at work. The next day I installed Unreal Engine and have started watching tutorials. Real time is surely the way to go..?!

      3. Architecture and Environments – so modelling, texturing and LIGHTING.

      4. Civil Engineer slowly turning into 3D Visualisation person.

      5. Everything you do is useful, but in the context of these questions, your take on lighting in Unreal would be fascinating.

    13. Luca Di Cecca

      hello Gleb,

      Blender, of course, but also Zbrush and Maya
      – tips to lighting a characters ( for portrait…what kind of light is better to use)
      -tips to lighting a movie sequence ( for example a scene with different, close-up).

    14. Edward O'Connell

      1. Blender, Maya, Nuke, Zbrush, Photoshop
      2. Offline rendering, Cycles, Mental Ray, Arnold
      3. Generalist. Modelling, texturing, lighting, compositing
      4. Currently a student studying Computer Visualisation & Animation
      5. Keep doing what you’re doing.

    15. 1. Blender, Maya, Gimp. Krita, Inkscape, Houdini, Nuke, Natron
      2. Both
      3. Lighting, Rendering, Pipeline and scripting
      4. Technical Artist, running animation studio for contracting work
      5. keep doing what you love most and share with us πŸ™‚

    16. Pedro

      1. Blender, Unity
      2. Both but at the moment, most offline
      3. Modeling, texturing, lighting
      4. Full time job as quality assurance in a telecommunications company. Wanting to change it to full time 3d artist πŸ™‚
      5. I’m a perfectionist and that’s killing my learning of Blender. I never finish a project. I want to learn how to kill this problem.

    17. 1. Blender, Zbrush, Maya, Houdini, Natron, Unreal Engine, Photoshop
      2. Both
      3. Modelling, Sculpting, Animation, Rigging, Lighting, Rendering.
      4. Student (Intern at a Game development studio). I use Blender for modelling , Unreal Engine for building shaders.
      5. Modelling and Web development(Freelance)
      6. Keep making such cool tutorials and videos, I love watching your content.

      Here is my website:
      Here is my Artstation:

    18. Sammy

      1. Photoshop, Unity, Blender, Krita (soon)
      2. Offline graphics
      3. Texturing, modeling, lightning, sculpting, digital drawing
      4. Working as a content writer for an e-commerce company
      5. I have problems with concentration. Can you make blogs or posts on that – informative, inspirational and motivating. Also can you make posts on transforming 2D art (I’m learning to draw) into 3D art or sculpture (models) by blender, etc. Also how to stay on this path and still make a living, I’m an engg. student btw. πŸ™‚

    19. EvilVeggie

      1. SketchUp, Blender, AutoCAD, Photoshop, World Machine, Illustrator, Quixel and Octane Render.
      2. Octane Render all the way. Suppose it’s online, but could be offline.
      3. Advertising and Architecture. Exploring environmental design on my own.
      4. Architecture visual artist. In house at a firm, freelance of the project is worth it.
      5. Learning smoother workflow tricks. Just keep up what you’re doing! Thanks.

    20. 1. Blender 3D
      2. Offline Graphics
      3. Animation
      4. Freelancer
      5. Make a color grading tutorial please.

    21. Nitens

      1. Blender, Krita and Gimp
      2. Both
      3. Modeling, lighting, texturing, sculpting
      4. I study Graphic Design and Visual Communication
      5. A. Coffee. Brewing. Tutorial. And keep up the awesome tutorials ofc! ^_^

    22. David Ullmann

      1. Blender, Photoshop, Marvellous Designer, Substance suite
      2. mostly offline graphics with Cycles being my main rendering engine
      3. I’d say generalist
      4. orthopaedic surgeon
      5. continue showing the power of foss tools and praising coffee

      • Mohammed Mansour Al-baqshi

        how is it like to be an orthopaedic surgeon ?
        I am a medical student and I am interested in it

        • David Ullmann

          I love it, challenging in every aspect but rewarding.
          Wish you all the best with your studies!

          • Mohammed Mansour Al-baqshi


    23. Flandelacasa

      1. Blender, Maya, Krita, After Effects, Photoshop, Toonboom, Gimp, Procreate, Lmms, Alchemy.
      2. I’m interested in real-time, very much. See answer 5 link to know why.
      3. Animation, Illustration, sculpting, texturing, materials, rigging, 2D rigging/animation.
      4. Freelance Animation. Instagram: @flandelacasa website:
      5. Realistic terrain making. I was looking at this:
      And wanted to make 8km terrains that run smoothly and look realistically.

    24. Spooikypok_Dev

      1. Blender, GIMP, Krita, Unreal.
      2. Both.
      3. Modeling.
      4. I’m still in school.
      5. Somethin’ about UV Mapping.

    25. Enu

      1. 3ds Max, Blender and Zbrush.
      2. Offline graphics – Cycles and V-ray.
      3. Sculpting, modeling, lighting and texturing.
      4. Marketing deals
      5. Please continue to teach us – Thank You very much!

    26. Captain Joshi

      Hi Gleb!

      I’m not a big fan of lists, so I will just write this down as a nice full text.

      I use many different programs actually depending on what I want to achieve. My main piece of software will always be Blender, but I use GIMP a lot for all post I can’t do in Blender and image editing in general. I have a bit of experience in Terragen and a bit more in Vue since I work with it from time to time.
      When I’m in the need to texture something, Substance Painter is really my #1 tool of choice. If you haven’t already tried it out, I can only recommend you to do so! It’s such an amazing tool. So intuitive and it creates all texture maps you can think of directly for you!
      Lately, I’ve been using Unreal 4 and a beta program called Google Web Designer since I’m working on a small website side project. Not directly related to 3D graphics, but more as a Fan Art project for Life is Strange.
      I’ve been painting with SAI Paint Tool a few times, but I’m not a talented 2D artist, so I will stick to 3D in the future.
      Since I’m cross exporting a lot between Life is Strange and Blender, I use UModel for exporting the assets and mainly a tool called “Everything”. It’s a file search/browsing program that indexes your entire harddrive. It is possible to search for a single file, for example a texture, on your harddrive with literally no time delay whatsoever. Great for managing huge amounts of textures or other files.

      For the second question: I’m interested in both actually! I do my main work in offline graphics with Cycles but I’ve always been interested in the real time PBR techniques out there. Getting deep into Unreal for that doesn’t seem worth to me at this point, but I’m desperately waiting for the Viewport Project on Blender to be finished, since, as far as I’m aware, they are planning to include real time rendering in that too! Eventually boosting the Game Engine to a new level!

      My main interests in computer graphics are actually lighting and compositing. I’m doing the most part of my work on using assets from a game for example and setting up a well composed image and lighting. Or turn a simple sphere into a really cool animation of Mars. I just love Blender’s problem solving workflow!!! When you sit there and you have an image in your mind and you tweak the settings, set up big node trees, blur this, copy that, mask out that, add it there and you finally get that simple image down is so satisfying!! I also love texturing, although I’m not doing it often enough πŸ˜€

      What do I do for a living. I am actually in my last 2 months of school right now and plan to study Game Art in Cologne afterwards, hence I’m finishing my application portfolio right now. I work in a beverage market 4 days a week after school to earn a bit of extra money (Forklifts are very fun to drive!). I cannot earn any money from my art as of now, but it’s not the reason I’m doing it anyway. I’m just in love with art in every sense of the word! I love music, sounds, paintings, renderings, texts, lyrics, everything that can send me off into another world and dream my way back to reality!

      What can you do for me. You’ve already done soooo much!!! I’ve learned so much through your tutorials already and I keep learning every day! I love your style and the energy you are doing your videos with. One can feel how passionate you are into what you are doing and that just makes my day every time, no matter the actual content of the video, which just adds up to that. Thank you for doing this! Keep being yourself!

      PS: In the video you asked what I am working on at the moment. Since my portfolio lacks of Modelling work, I am right now working on a high-poly model of my Jackson Kelly guitar. The backside is finished as of now:
      My other projects are a shortfilm based on a game, although that is on standby until I’m done with my application, and the small website project I’m doing as a side thing. It actually contains 360 degree scrollable pictures I rendered in Blender for example. I’ll make sure to share it when it’s done, which might take a while though πŸ˜€

      Have fun in everything you do!

      – Joschka

      • I feel like I know you for 10 years already. Such elaborate answers, Joschka, I really appreciate this. Do you have a blog? You should!

        • Captain Joshi

          I’m glad we could connect a little!
          I do have a Tumblr blog I post way to little on to be completely honest and I was thinking about making a website already.
          Do you have any tips for starting out with blogging appart from just speaking out what’s on my mind? πŸ™‚

    27. Duy Do

      1.Blender, Krita, Gimp, Inkscape
      2.Unreal Engine
      3.Rigging, animation, texturing
      5.I don’t know

    28. Patrik Sztefek

      1. Blender
      2. Both, but mostly offline
      3. Modeling, lighting
      4. Student at university
      5. Filmic, riging

    29. JaJu

      1) Blender πŸ™‚ , Krita, Lightroom, Gimp
      2) Offline, maybe in the future realtime
      3) modelling, lighting
      4) still at school…
      5) more tutorias of showing how you create a complete scene maybe…

    30. taufik hidayat

      1. Blender & 3ds max
      2. Offline graphics – cycles and vray
      3. Modeling, lighting, texturing
      4. Student
      5. Something about creating modeling character and texturing :v

    31. Jiezz

      1 : Blender (for modelling, animation, compositing, vidΓ©o Γ©diting and blocking traditional animation with 3d proxy mesh and Grease Pencil), Gimp, and Krita (I looooove Krita) for the most of my 2D works, I have done a little pencil test of you during the last Blender Conference (

      2 : Realtime graphics offers great liberty for the spectator, but as an artist I prefer offline graphics to be certain of transmit the message I have to share

      3 : 3D is a fantastic way to work on texture and material in a sensitive way, 2D is pure graphical cration. Both are complementary.

      4 : I’m writing a university dissertation about animation’s changes in the fifties, at the same time I currently work on VFX in a web series (but it’s still a secret). This is my last work, an intro for a friend’s chronicle on Twitch : Thank you Gleb, the Space VFX Elements, it was a great help.

      5 : I love your work , because I think you have a different approach to graphical design, so if you want to help us, stay the same, keep the same approach.

    32. Kapil Kumar

      2.offline graphics
      3.modelling,texturing and animation
      5.more tutorials about texturing and different methods of creating textures using other image editing software.

    33. CVETKO

      Haha even videos like these are amazing if they are from you Gleb! So i and much more people who know you from the start (when you started making those short-awesome tuts) should share some basics with you too i suppose.
      So this is about me:
      1. Blender, Keyshot, Marvelous, Photoshop, learning Zbrush and Max.
      2. Offline, made few realtime projects but, for me that’s not so fan ass offline…
      3. Modeling, and sculpting, but mostly modeling.
      4. Well working as freelancer but at sometimes (like now) there are no jobs soo, i am lucky that i still have 18 and can rely on parents… And also at the moment, KV-1S printscr included.
      5. Ad what you can do for us, well for me, just keep making awesome videos as you do now! Or maybe show us some black magic that you can do about sculpting or so. (We know that you allways have few tricks in sleeve).
      PS Hello to little shrimp, hope he is ok and wish him to grow big and be awesome as his dad is!

    34. Lucas Knepper

      1. Blender, Gimp, Krita, some experinence in 3ds max and Photoshop.
      2. Offline
      3. Modelling, because you can watch things grow from scratch. And Shader-work.
      4. still at school. No complete current Projects, just small tests cause i`m to lazy to pull of a complete Image…
      5. Present a pipeline/workflow for imageprojects in general (do you start with a rough sketch? and more..).

    35. Rook

      1.Blender, Gimp, Unity
      2. Realtime most, Offline too though
      3. Modelling, Animation
      4. Programming
      5. I am more likely to watch concise short tutorials and demonstrations

    36. Grayoff

      1. Blender, Krita, Infinite Painter, Cocos2dx, XNA
      2. Realtime 2d + 3d
      3. Postprocessing, 2d-animation
      4. Programmer
      5. Making games look good (like Dishwasher, Salt And Sanctuary)

    37. Todd MacLean

      1. Blender, Gimp, Krita
      2 Both. But mainly I use Blender as a VFX tool for live action films
      3. Compositing, animating, modeling/sculpting
      4. Retail Sales (which pays the bills) and filmmaker (which doesn’t pay anything πŸ˜‰ )
      5. I would love to learn how to use Blender for facial mocap (like what they do for the Planet of the Apes movies). Got any any ideas on that?

      • Captain Joshi

        The facial mocap is simple in theory but hard to realise. Avatar has an excellent making of where they show a bit of that. Basically a camera attached to a headpiece that points at your face and markers on your face. You can simply track those markers in 2D and use bone constraints to apply those movements to the bones. It will be a bit fiddly because you have to tell the bones to move in 3D space with 2D data so that the face is not just being deformed in 2D, but that’s about the gist of it.

    38. Oscar Gellner

      1. Blender, Substance Designer, Substance Painter, Photoshop, Unreal Engine
      2. I love offline rendering, but at the moment i do more onliner rendering
      3. Im interested int modeling and texturing (and of course lighting)
      4. I study, and do freelance work for a VR-Company
      5. I would love to see a tutorial about making a nature scene

    39. Yegor Noname

      1. Blender, Maya (at work), Gimp, Krita, Unreal (learning)
      2. Both
      3. Shading/texturing, modeling and visualizing
      4. LookDev TD at a studio
      5. More some tricky unusual stuff and overviews of useful addons and their reallife usage

    40. blechflieger germany

      1. Blender, Gimp
      2. Offline
      3.modelling,texturing and Animation,websites
      4.worker in the logistics (for more than 30 years)
      5.Python console,workflow for beginers

    41. romanbruni

      1 3dmax vue houdini, after effects
      2 graphics for render, fx into video
      3 animation, compositing,
      4 screenplaywriting guru
      5 effects with type and letters
      congrats on excellent material master schrimp !

    42. jorge lobato

      1. Blender
      2. Offline graphics.
      3. Animation
      4. Art teacher
      5. A section of begeners
      I’m and old fashion graphic designer, begining in this field.

    43. George Mutambuka

      1: Blender, GIMP, Inkscape, Premiere Pro, Illustrator.
      2.Both but I’ve got a new interest in OpenGL render and getting best quality out of it.
      3.Simulations,Modelling, Animation.
      4.Freelance creative.
      5. I’m satisfied with the content. Just keep up the great work.

    44. Chris B

      1. What software do you use?
      From most to least skill/experience: Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Premiere Pro, After Effects, Blender – I’d love to learn a few more, but along with work, University and learning Icelandic there aren’t enough hours in the day πŸ˜‰

      2. Are you interested in the realtime graphics or offline graphics?
      Not sure, I’m still kind of fumbling my way around this whole thing.

      3. What area of computer graphics is your major interest?
      Honestly, I’m primarily a branding/logo designer learning some vfx and 3D to get a few more strings to my bow. Some modelling and basic animation I guess.

      4. What do you do for living?

      I’m studying at uni, I’ve done freelancing but primarily branding/logos/product design.

      5. What can we do for you?
      I find videos difficult to keep up with sometimes, although the space vfx ones have been brilliant so far. For little tips and tricks, I’d be interested in written tutorials, obviously for larger projects videos make sense, but for things like, “Here’s a shader setup for this thing” with screenshots and text would be amazing. It would allow me to go back and reference it more easily.

      • Even as an addition to the video, like it has been already pointed out, the snippets like shader setup may be useful. Chris, I will try to include more of these.

    45. vigneshwaran

      1.i’m using Blender,photoshop,gimp
      2.yes i’m interested in offline graphics
      4.i’m currently working as embedded software developer

    46. Mohammed Mansour Al-baqshi

      1.Blender form C4D , and Krita from photoshop
      3. all of them
      4. Medical student
      5. workflow and exercises to improve my animations and renders

    47. TheJCprogrammer

      1. Blender, Maya, Gimp, Krita, and Unity.
      2. Really like both but if I had to choose then I’d go with offline.
      3. Modeling, Lighting, and Animation.
      4. College Student.
      5. Show all the steps working on a project from start to finish.

    48. Ingmar Trump

      1. Blender 3D, Substance Designer, Substance Painter, Unity 3D
      2. Realtime
      3. Animations (at the moment, my weakest point)
      4. Work in a game studio Headshot Labs. We are making Killtype: Synthetic.
      5. Advanced level tips and tricks on animations / rigging would be most helpful for me.

    49. Shine Thorns

      1. Blender 3D, Substance Designer, Substance Painter, Unity 3D
      2. Realtime and rendering in Cycles
      3. lighting, texturing, rigging, animation,
      4. looking for jobs
      5. Help me to leave my country… I want do cool jobs XD

      • 5. Where do you live?
        p.s. as for me, I live in belarus πŸ˜›

        • Shine Thorns

          Taiwan ^_^

    50. Dwight Martin

      1) Blender, GIMP, Make Human. (Audacity and LMMS for music and audio)
      2) Offline.
      3) Animation domination.
      4) Desktop support technician.
      5) Getting render times down and/or reducing noise. To keep the render times under Render Street’s 15 minute limit, I had to make some sacrifices in the project that I’m currently working on. I tried Branched Path Tracing and the renders took longer and looked worse.

    51. Rasmus Sandbæk

      1. Blender, Zbrush, Photoshop, GIMP, Illustrator, Shadermap 3
      2. Offline Graphics
      3. Modelling, Texturing/Materials, Lightning
      4. Student and freelance designer. Currently working on a poster for a local concert. In 3D, I’m currently
      5. Honestly, some materials and modelling/sculpting would be nice. Andrew Price did a tutorial on PBR materials a couple of months ago, perhaps you could take it in another direction?

    52. Malo Mn

      1. Blender, Photoshop, Unreal Engine 4, Substance Designer
      2.Realtime and offline graphics
      3. Modeling, Texturing, Lighting
      4. Student
      5. More advanced tutorials about Blender, and also about how to export from Blender to Unreal because there isn’t much good videos about it πŸ˜‰

    53. Juan Sebastian Callejas Rodrig

      1) Blender, Unity 3D, Illustrator
      2) Both Cycles render as well as real-time in unity
      3) Modelling
      4) I’m a high school student
      5) Keep making awesome tutorials πŸ˜€

    54. PunchCard

      1) Blender, Gimp, Inkscape, Krita, SVG (!), python to generate svg
      2) offline
      3) Architecture (modelling, texturing), abstract (modelling, texturing, lighting)
      4) Retired, so cannot afford expensive software.
      5) I would like to learn more about using programs such as python to generate art, images, textures.

      Hey Gleb, add the Metro Museum of Art into your list of links to resources. The museum has released 350,000 images to public domain CC0.

      • oOO! is this the screenshots from your film? Awesome! Where can I watch the vlogs about making it? πŸ™‚

          • I’m in awe. It’s so rad.
            and btw, I’m already subscribed to your channel, so I’ll be there, when you upload the video πŸ™‚

    55. 1. maya, mari, zbrush, photoshop
      2. offline
      3. modeling, shading, lighting
      4. 3D artist
      5. keep going like right now πŸ˜‰ maybe a bit more generell, not so blender specific stuff would be great .. πŸ™‚

    56. Niranjan Raghu

      1. Blender, Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, Audition, AfterEffects, FL Studio and a bunch of synthesizer plug-ins.

      2. Offline. Lots of power to get cinematic rendering.
      3. All of it in bits. Starting to get deeper into studying and making industrial stuff and architecture. Lighting is <3, but all of it is necessary. Getting better at mograph.

      4. Graphic Design
      5. Be you, as always. You're amazing people on your own. πŸ™‚ Possibly collaborate on something in the future. But right now, I'm caught up with saving up for a good PC.

      Plugging my stuff shamelessly in, as always .

    57. Daniel Galun

      1. Blender, gimp, unreal 4, inkscape (in order of most used) ++
      2. Both.
      3. All of them, my least favourite is UV unwrapping and texture painting.
      4. Work for myself, hopefully one day I’ll be able to make games and animated entertainment for a living
      5. I mostly watch videos to learn clever tricks or methods I didn’t know about, so it’s hard to tell before hand what will be useful. Someone has a jellyfish blender tutorial on youtube that’s loaded with great tips if you want to check out what I’m talking about. I learn something from most videos, but I can remember a few that where particularly useful, and they usually show off more advanced methods and work flow.

    58. the answers are streaming in! that will help in our decision making process for sure πŸ™‚

    59. Cube Republic

      1. Blender, zbrush, substance designer, substance painter, krita, photoshop, knald, handplane,xnormal, topogun

      2. Real time

      3. Modeling , sculpting, texturing

      4. Make assets for Second Life – mainly landscaping, plants, flowers, trees. Looking forward to the next gen VR worlds and selling content in those.

      5. Keep making cool interesting content.

    60. Simon

      1. Blender, GIMP, Inkscape
      2. Offline (although learning realtime would be cool)
      3. Photorealistic rendering
      4. Control and Instrumentation Engineer in a power station
      5. Some online workshops with exercises would be great. Failing that some live webinars. Something where I can connect with like-minded people and create something fantastic together.

      You’re tutorials are awesome, Gleb. I look forward to every one that comes out and I love your passion for graphics. Thank you!

    61. Zach MCG

      1. Blender, Substance, Houdini, (starting) unreal engine, Krita
      2. I am very interested in real time
      3.Modeling and lighting are my specialty but I’d like to learn more about rigging, animation, and sculpting
      4.I would rather not say
      5.Help me avenge my father wrongful death at the hands of his brother for the thrown….or you could make some more ballin tutorials

    62. Taffi Tasteless

      1. Blender
      2. Offline
      3. Modeling, lighting, texturing (rigging and ani when more perfect)
      4. Photographer, workless (54 y old), nearly impossible to use my skills in my country (Austria)
      5. Right now IΒ΄m very lucky having found Glebs tuts nearly 1 year ago, I just miss a person of flesh and blood to ask from time to time. Want to l found a non profit association for Blender Fans (kind of Blender Cafe), will call it “Ambient Occlusion” πŸ˜‰

    63. Yitzi Litt

      1: Blender, photoshop, premier pro, after effects, RPGmaker MV, adobe illustrator, pen and paper, Cubase elements, Wavelab, and pretty much anything else I can get my hands on.


      3: animation, with particular focus on scene transitions.

      4:I’m 15 years old, so… uh, rely on my parents, I guess?

      5:What I most love about Creative Shrimp is your focus on teaching at an individual level. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve benefited from your personal advice and critique when I asked you something in the comments. Most artists seem to be very inaccessible, but you manage to have a personal connection to your audience. What I ask of you is to keep that connection, even as your followers rise. This is what I most gain from, and what I most treasure from you. Keep up the awesomeness!

      • Hey Yitzi, it’s getting harder since the number of subscribers is rising, but I read every comment – via email, blog, youtube channel and so on. And in many cases, I try to reply πŸ™‚ Thanks man!

    64. Steve Reeves

      1. Blender, Terragen 4, Substance Painter
      2. Offline rendering
      3. Modelling, texturing, lighting and concepting
      4. Manager of a GP surgery and pharmacy
      5. Intermediate tutorials and more of the same – thanks for everything you do.

    65. Aaron Balke

      1. Blender, Cinema 4D, Unreal Engine, anything Adobe
      2. Realtime & Offline
      3. Texturing & Sculpting
      4. Watch your tutorials πŸ™‚
      5. What you are doing already it is wonderful! Thank you so much for the tutorials!

    66. JT Hill

      1. Blender 3D, Photoshop, and AfterEffects.
      2. Both realtime and offline rendering.
      3. Modelling and animation.
      4. High-school.
      5. Just keep making cool and informative videos. πŸ˜€

    67. victorborges

      1. What software do you use?
      Blender (mainly), Mudbox, Inkscape, Photoshop, Substance Designer/Painter/B2M, GTKRadiant, UE4 and Chrome πŸ˜›

      2. Are you interested in the realtime graphics or offline graphics?
      Mostly in realtime… I am working a lot with UE4 and there are huge opportunities with it.

      3. What area of computer graphics is your major interest?

      4. What do you do for living?
      Freelance Graphics Designer (aspiring lighting artist)

      5. What can we do for you?
      Lightmaps and more Photogrametry

      my artstation, please leave a like πŸ™‚

      still not global yet, gleb… one day i’ll get there… almost Crossed AKs

      And send your baby the best wishes

    68. -Matt-

      Hi Gleb, i want to underline the fact that i’m still looking for my way in the 3d world so first of all i would like to learn a bit of everything, but for now:
      1) Blender, Gimp, Photoshop, Substance Painter (i’m learning Unity but i’d like to learn Unreal)
      2) Both, but for now only made offline Graphics
      3) like all of them, but i’m not good in rigging and sculpting (please make some tuts πŸ˜€ )
      4) i’m a computer science student
      5) Continue with your awesome video and, if you can, please make video about rigging, animation, and real time graphics!

      my works:

    69. 1. Blender, Krita, Inkscape, Gimp, Natron, Kdenlive
      2. Offline because I wanna make movies
      3. Animation
      4. Starting as a freelancer (currently making animal game characters)
      5. explain a bit more deeply what the buttons you push do in the background (Bartek Scorupa is a good example of that, I think)

    70. Slawek Nezumi

      – Blender, Zbrush, Substance Painter, Paint Storm Studio (brilliant and cheap painting software by Russian developer) and I have recently – after many, many years – replaced Adobe software. Photoshop was replaced by Affinity Photo and slow as hell Illustrator was replaced by superb Affinity Designer
      – I am interested in all sorts of graphics. Bit less in real time, mostly Cycles rendering. But it might change with new Blender viewport
      – Sculpting, modeling. Rendering comes last but still is necessary to present your work.
      – graphic creation of all kind of graphics. From small 2D stuff to 3D visualization. Freelance.
      – You can do some tutorials that can be used in real jobs. All knowledge is good but almost everybody is making tutorials about aged, grungy materials with dust floating in the air, with color grading and noise… Its nothing like real life jobs where clients want clean look, products/places are brand new, rarely client would appreciate any noise and certainly nobody wants dust particles in the air. You guys are magicians when it comes to rendering but it would help if you showed some cool ways of presenting product, lighting interior scene etc. I know its boring but thats where jobs are.

      • That could be an interesting (and pragmatic) take on this stuff indeed. How to present a product / how to render sleek archviz interior for magazine. A whole different perspective.
        p.s. But to be completely fair, many types of the jobs require the grungy look too :))) Namely, games/film/illustration stuff.

    71. 1. Autodesk Maya, Blender, Photoshop, After Effects, Adobe Illustrator
      2. Learning Unreal Engine, used to use Unity 3D
      3. Animation, Rigging, Lighting, Texturing
      4. One-man-show animation studio
      5. Keep makin awesome and amazing tutorials!

    72. Tedo Nieuwenhuis

      1. Blender, Krita, Cinema4 (older version), Inkscape, MicroStation
      2. Iam interested in both, realtime graphics and offline graphics
      3. Animation 3d and 2d, rigging, modelling, texturing, lighting, compositing.
      4. Iam retired, 67 years young! Iworked for a longtime making architectural plans and
      visualisations with the software MicroStation from Bentley and Photoshop, Indesign,
      5. I learned a lot from you already!, Go on the way you do and planned

    73. Ryan Lloyd

      1. Blender and Unreal Engine.
      2. Real time Graphics.
      3. A bit of everything, but something I would like to improve on is Animation and Character Modelling.
      4. I work for a company called TubeSync, we are selling a product to mange all you social media accounts, but I am sidelining as a Game Developer.
      5. If you could focus your work more to the real time aspect rather than the offline graphics that would be awesome, don’t get me wrong though, your composition skills in blender are absolutely amazing!

    74. 1. Blender, Krita, Inkscape, Gimp, Natron, Kdenlive
      2. Offline because I wanna make movies
      3. Animation
      4. Starting as a freelancer (currently making animal game characters)
      5. explain a bit more deeply what some of the buttons you push do in the background (for example I like how Bartek Scorupa explains stuff)

    75. Steve Cypert

      1. I want simplicity. The more tasks I can accomplish in Blender, the better.
      2. Offline works for me. Nothing wrong with real time, though.
      3. VFX
      4. I’m retired, but working with local film makers.
      5. I’m loving your space vfx series. Would like to see atmospherics such as storms, blowing dust, hurricanes.

      • Super interesting tutorial request. The atmospheric effects are pretty much a grey zone of computer graphics tutorials. Such a rare thing!

    76. Aniket chanda

      1. What software do you use?
      – Blender and krita, i dont seem to use gimp much.

      2. Are you interested in the realtime graphics or offline graphics?
      – i am interested in both, i am learning to use unity and i also love cycles

      3. What area of computer graphics is your major?
      – i like everything that there is to in 3d art.

      4. What do you do for living?
      – i am a high school student of 12th grade and its only been 3 months since i started using blender or any 3d software ever so i am still getting a hang of it.

      5. What can we do for you?
      -You guys can make more of your awesome tutorials and we could all use tutorials on the blender game engine too, have a nice day !

    77. 1. Blender, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, After Effects, Premiere, Audition, Logic Pro
      2. Primarily offline
      3. Texturing, modeling, lighting
      4. Graphic Design in the Spirits and Wine Industry, Freelance Graphic Design and 3D product Visualization
      5. Jobs

      • For the future, what kind of jobs are you interested in? Maybe if someone asks or other opportunity arises, I could forward them to you πŸ™‚

    78. Anton Popczynski

      I use the wonderful Blender, Gimp and Krita (the latter thanks to your and Aidy’s excellent Space VFX course)

      Offline graphics
      Modeling, lighting, texturing and animation.
      I’m retired.
      An updated tutorial on creating a heat haze effect and yet more tutorials series like the amazing Space VFX thank you so much.

      • Anton, thanks for your answer. I’ll forward your tutorial request to Aidy, because he’s much more pro, when it comes to heat haze effect.

        • Anton Popczynski

          Wow Gleb, thank you so much for your quick reply. I’ve only been using Blender for just over a year and found it to be both amazing and sometimes frustrating but I have never had so much fun as following the Space VFX course. Hope there’s more tutes in the future from you and the other master tutor Aidy.

    79. Elie Chobok

      1- I use blender, Photoshop
      2-I’m ingested in offline graphics
      3-modeling, texturing, lighting, compositing, I’m intrested in archviz
      4- studied interior design and I’m currently working in a lighting design firm
      5-I’ll be glad if you can publish more in depth tutorial

    80. Alex Negrea

      1.photoshop, blender, zbrush, 3dcoat, moi3d
      3. cheating with modeling, texturing and lighting.
      4. concept artist at volta
      5. more hacks and cheats to achieve results faster. i dont care about a corect workflow i care about having an image at the end of the day

    81. 1: B3D, Affinity Photo, Corel Painter 2017
      2:Processing still images, so I guess the answer is “offline” (rendering, etc)
      3: Creative art image generation (I like to play and make pretty pictures, basically)
      4: retired and having a ball
      5: You can write PDF’s detailing specific solutions, to supplement the high-level, high-speed videos you do. Either that, or slow down and explain more. Perhaps cut back on the caffeine?

      • Haha, nice advice πŸ™‚ Can’t cut back on caffeine, because I will probably collapse from severe decaffeination. But I like your idea about including more detailed explanation in pdf form, or something else. Would the project files help?

        • Yeah, being able to look at the Blend files, etc., would be helpful. To see settings and so on. Thanks!

    82. 1. too numerous to list here
      2. It’s 2017, everything should be realtime. Why stuck with offline rendering? Still 1990s mindset?

      3. magic
      4. commerce, NDA stuff
      5. let’s collaborate

      • 5. In some form, why not.
        2. Agree, offline is getting outdated.

    83. 1. Blender, Krita, Gimp, I have Substance Designer(but never have used it), Knald Studio.
      2. Offline graphics
      3. Modelling, sculpting,,,basically NOT rigging and animation
      4. Computer/Communication Technologist
      5. Keep teaching how to use the tools (and cheat if necessary), not just sell us a product to use in a scene.

    84. Blender 3D
      I’m interested in Cyceles rendering and Realtime engine
      Modeling, Texturing, Lighting and EVERYTHING IN 3D *__*
      Right now? Some freelance works and looking for any possible job I can find
      I need a lot of help In Blender esp. I wanna learn it more more staff about 3D world I wanna change the world of computer graphics

    85. Kim

      I am retired and use Offline Graphics, I think. I use Blender, Gimp, Inkscape, Krita. I dabble in all modes.

    86. Adam Juhasz

      1. blender, krita, maya (hopefully less and less), 3dcoat, audacity
      2. real time and offline both interest me, mor and more realtime though
      3. filmmaking, (directing, previz, animatics, animation, modeling) and general art (industrial and fineart)
      4. i make cartoons, films, and sometimes commercials
      5. keep on being awesome, more animated stuff would be cool, also simulation for filmmaking (you already have started this, so great)

      • “More and more realtime” – Adam, that’s what I think too. The future is calling.

    87. EpicDino Designs

      1.Blender, Lightroom, Photoshop, Illustrator
      2.Offline rendering in Cycles
      3.Modeling, Scene setup
      4.I am a kid LOL and I am working on a modern kitchen!
      5.Making short quick tips and maybe small free resources

    88. ccrandell

      1. Blender, Gimp, RealityCapture, Solidworks, ANSYS
      2. Offline first…realtime in the future
      3. Modeling, texturing, lighting…animation in the future
      4. Mechanical Engineering (thermal, structural, RF micro-electronics)
      5. Keep sharing…THANK YOU!

    89. 1. Blender, Unreal, Photoshop, Unity, After Effects
      2. both
      3. modeling, game asset creation
      4. student
      5. make tutorials about game asset creation

      • Game asset creation – that’s uber interesting. Quite possible, we’ll make something.

        • easter_BANDIT

          I would also like to see game asset vidoes.

    90. 1. Blender, Gimp, and Natron (learning it). I plan to purchase Vray, ZBrush, and perhaps Maxwell, and download UE4 in the coming months however
      2. Right now I prefer ray-traced offline rendering, however UE4 has some dang impressive results as well…
      3. Lighting, Shading, Modelling, Sculpting, and UV Unwrapping (in that order)
      4. Right now I’m a minor, but I’m making a pretty solid income from Blender, nothing major, but a few hundred a month…
      5. Keep doing what you’re doing fam… You’re helping a lot of people use Blender πŸ˜€

      • Do you like Natron so far? Can it compete with After Effects, in your opinion?

        • Hey Gleb… It seems like a great software, but it’s really memory intensive… I have two Xeon CPUs, 2.6 Ghz and 32 threads… I also have 8 GB of RAM, and a GTX 770 Classified 4 GB. It completely froze up my computer when I tried to import my exr image… Not sure if that’s normal, but not much freezes my computer… Anyhow, I’ll have to get more RAM and try again.
          As far as competing with after effects… No idea… Never had the opportunity to work with ae, as I’m a linux user… From what I see though, it compares more with Nuke.

          Cheers and many coffees to you,

    91. Mason Menzies

      1. Zbrush, Quixel, World Machine, Blender
      2. I prefer offline graphics. I have fewer limitations and can create insane things with no boundary.
      3. I mainly focus on Environments and Texturing.
      4. I work part time at the local computer shop in town (VicTech, check it out if you’re on Vancouver Island :P) and then for the rest of my week I work 3D
      5. Keep the content flowing, including art! tutorials are fun but I want to see more insane scenes from you.

      • Ok Mason, I’ll try to do a couple of fresh renderz for ye;)

    92. Chris Cardinell

      1. I mainly use blender
      2. I prefer offline graphics
      3. I’m HIGHLY interested in texturing and creating PBR materials
      4. I teach
      5. i personally would like more on materials and how to do more complex things in blender.

    93. 1. Blender, Unity, Flashpint for 3d printing stuff

      2. Interested in pretty much everything πŸ™‚

      3. modeling, texturing, sculpting and mainly game programing

      4. I am an apprentice and my team mate is a student (I am hoping some time in the future to make a living from making games)

      5. keep up your awesome work; maybe take a look at what we are doing:

    94. 1. Blender, photoshop, Zbrush
      2.offline graphics in Cycles
      3. modeling, lighting and texturing (its a hard decision)
      4. Im a student in highschool
      5. Help us all dovelope a professional quality in our artworks.

    95. Ricc Ballard

      Blender 3D (cycles), gimp, just started learning krita.
      Realtime for short movie clips animations, and offline scenic.
      For living no this is just interesting to me and I can NOT draw or paint to save my life, but this lets me be creative anyway.

      For a living I am a software engineer, been writing code since 1983. (yup old fart)

      Also use the video editing part of blender to create video collages for my family and friends.

      As far as the direction of my hobby well I just bring up blender and start creating. Sometimes its a nature scene sometimes its space scene, I have even done some old time cities and futuristic whatever floats my boat that day.

      This just helps me keep my insanity where I like it.

      Though I have been considering looking into unreal 4.

    96. Sandra D

      1. Blender, Gimp, learning Unreal
      2. Both
      3. Main interest is environments/ whole scenes
      4. Working on scripts for film… nothing official at the moment though.. Hope to freelance soon.
      5. Increase the market for 3d artists everywhere. Jk, that is probably a bit beyond your scope. πŸ˜€ Keep doing what you’re doing.

      • 5. Who knows, who knows. I firmly believe that we can influence the industry (the market, the world of cg, and so on). Mainly, by drinking coffee.

    97. easter_BANDIT

      I use blender (cycles), Unreal 4, Gimp.
      I am interested in realtime graphics
      I am interested in pretty much all aspects of 3D modeling
      I am currently learning blender on my own
      You can help me learn blender so that I can get a high paying job or start my own company.

    98. Π•Π²Π³Π΅Π½ΠΈΠΉ Π€Ρ€ΡƒΠΊΡ‚ΡƒΠΎΠ·

      2-Interested in both
      4-3d modeller in a studio design.
      5- bring me that Magic button that do everything when you want reading my mind?

      • 5. I’m asking Ton to include this button over and over again. Seems unlikely.

    99. Vale Ma

      Hi, you are one of the greatest for everyperson in the world.
      -I’ve used and tried every software available for the purpose of game development and graphics.
      -both Real time and offline graphics are awesome
      -To elucidate all known sciences we have to know, I suppose the better answer would be, motivation will be energized if we discover the elements from the alpha to omega.
      -I live for game developing and graphics, but that two arts don’t Live for me.
      -Ad I’ve already said you are one of the greatest, internet never lies, statistics is important ad well as content. YOU are one of the most skilled among the whole world.
      Thanks for reading.

    100. Diego Nurbs

      1. Blender, Maya, Zbrush, MyPaint.
      2. Offline. Cycles.
      3. I am interested in Lighting and writing scripts for short films, modeling, texturing, animation.
      4. I am sysadmin & beekeeper πŸ˜‰
      5. You did help me many times whit your tips about the light, thank you Gleb!…

    101. Manu Catni

      blender , offline , modelling and animation , manager at some shop , photo to 3d model

    102. Kieren

      1- ZBrush, 3D-Coat and Blender. (hate to say it but Maya too! job guy says I need to!-_-) πŸ™‚

      2- both! depends what I’m doing I think. tho realtime is nice. πŸ™‚

      3- hmmmm modelling, but! I have recently started getting really into texturing and what not πŸ™‚

      4- recent became a Hardsurface artist for VAGA studios. a new studio working on the game Vales of Murak. πŸ™‚

      5- just continue with what ya doing πŸ™‚

    103. Andrew Coleman

      1. Blender, Unreal Engine
      2. Offline and realtime
      3. Animation, rigging, shaders
      4. Video editor, freelance artist:
      5. I gotta get your space course still!

    104. Valentina Irurita Cordoba

      1. Maya, Zbrush, Blender
      2. offline
      3. Modeling, lighting and texturing
      4. Teach college level animation, digital lighting and texturing
      5. Keep uploading awesome videos!! I’m such a HUGE fan<3 I had to learn Blender in a short amount of time for my current teaching position and your tutorials have a been major life savers. Plus I just love the way you are. So I just wanted to thank you for everything you do, it's really greatly appreciated. May God keep blessing you and your family

    105. shivraj deshpande

      1) Blender, 3ds Max, Photoshop

      2) Real time and rendering in Cycles
      3) Lighting, Rendering & Compositing
      4) Job
      5) Keep Moving Forward & continue making tutorials

    106. Jaron Wilding

      1) Cinema 4D, Houdini, 3DS Max and Maya
      2) Realtime in Houdni and rendering in VRay and Arnold.
      3) Ideally, Simulation for vfx, but I am also focusing on lighting, modelling, texturing and sculpting to aid in my vfx.
      4) I still need a steady income, I do freelance videography when I can, but normally undercharge drastically.
      5) Somehow land me a job πŸ˜€

      • Jaron, do you have a blog or web portfolio? Share the link! πŸ™‚

    107. Thinking Penguin

      1. Blender, maya, Fusion, After effects, C++
      2. Both realtime and offiline
      3. Motion graphics, programming (want to enhance blender for more motion graphics friendly.) and making tutorials.
      4. Motion Graphics
      5. More vfx related tutorials.

    108. 1. Blender, Maya, Zbrush, World Machine, Terragen, Photoshop, AE
      2. offline graphics mostly for Film production
      4. CG Artist
      5. Just to make sure THAT IM NOT ALONE

    109. Alex Chang

      1. Blender 3D
      2. Realtime and rendering in Cycles
      3. lighting, texturing, rigging, animation,
      4. project property development
      5. Can you teach me to become a 3D animator? haha

      • 5. I doubt that πŸ˜‰ Watch every video on animation by Hjalti Hjalmarsson and you will get a level up, I promise.

    110. 1. Blender, Substance Painter, After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Premiere, Audition and Reaper, Noitcom, DxO
      2. Offline in Cycles and AE, online in motion capture
      3. Whole 3D workflow towards animation; Photography and photo editing
      4. Marketing in a global company
      5. Keep it up :-), more animation set-ups, camera rigs, shot planning and setting workflow

    111. Nicolas Fenix

      1. Blender, Gimp, Krita, Photoshop, Inkskape
      2. rendering in Cycles only
      3. lighting, texturing, rigging, animation, sculpting
      4. Web dev / video directing / 3D for furnitures presentation
      5. Continue sharing awesomeness (+ my own projects from times to times. Thanks again)

      • I enjoy sharing your projects. Post anything on twitter, and I’ll grab it momentarily.

    112. Yuri

      Hi, Gleb!

      Software: Blender, Unity, Gimp, Inkscape, occasionally ngplant, Apophysis and Terragen Classic.

      Rendering: both, but it’s almost amazing what realtime rendering allows to achieve these days. Eagerly waiting for Blender 2.8.

      Area of interest: modelling, materials, lighting, particles.

      Job: journalism, copywriting.

      Q5: just keep going. πŸ˜‰

    113. Antho Crea

      1- Blender, photoshop, houdini, 3DS max, world machine, after effect, NukeX, adobe premiere, substance painter.
      2- i’m interested by all thing, but i like cycle ray-traced.
      3- All that, but texturing is very important for quality rendering :P. And simulation to create a realistic environment. And something like particle animation who interest me.
      4- I search the best job in the world, on Blender πŸ˜›
      5- I would like a tutorial who explain “how to create foam in Blender” but without to take the modifier “ocean”. Or create an addon who make the same thing that in Houdini. To create splash , foam , etc.. Realistic fluid with bubble. I think Blender will be the best of the best if we have an addon who can to create that. And then, tutorial to make a complex scene without to crash Blender. It will be fantastic πŸ˜› Thank You Gleb for your good work and to stay cool with us.

      • The foam with bubbles, etc, would be damn tricky πŸ™‚ but the idea is intriguing nevertheless.

    114. 1. blender, affinity, gimp, unreal
      2. Cycles in Raytrace is the best right now, but Unreal engine arch-viz has my interest
      3. Modeling, ligting mainly, but feel need to improve in other fields also
      4. Architect, also making architecture visualizations
      5. Small but frequent tips from blender and other software inspired work strategys, or non 3D related fields, taht can be used for 3D work

    115. Feroz Md

      1.Blender and Unity
      2.Real-time Graphics
      3. Sculpting: I really like sculpting, but I am totally new, so not great at it.
      4. Trying to make games for living. I am working on our first game Prison Island. It’s a third person shooter game. You can check out the first prototype in windows store (link : )
      It just our first test not that great. But we trying our best to make a better version. You can also check the facebook page
      5. We love your videos keep making awesome tutorials. We are going to start our campaign on Indiegogo soon, a litttle shout-out, or just mentioning our name will be really helpful (for our dream) πŸ™‚

      Some concept Images from our game πŸ™‚

    116. Walid

      Hey Gleb ,

      1, Blender,Zbrush,Gimp,Krita,Photoshop,Sculptris,WMachine,AfterFX πŸ˜‰

      2, Offline graphics & Realtime ( Realtime70% )

      3, Modeling,lighting,sculpting,Nodes Special ( Deleting Default CUBE )

      4, Enjoying and learning as a hobby – For upcoming years (maybe) marketing!

      5, Continue Your Creative Hacks ,And make more products,( add your cutest PIC into profile )

      I never miss a video ! Oho let’s drink a cup of coffeeeeeeee ,,,,

    117. Andy Thornhill

      Hey Gleb,
      1. Blender 3D, Adobe Suite (After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator,) and just starting to look at Unity
      2. Both Realtime and Offline (Cycles in Blender and After Effects for now)
      3. Hard Surface modelling, vehicles, (starting to look at animation)
      4. Graphic designer and events marketer
      5. More tutorials! Definitely written tutorials for specific set-ups as suggested by Chris B.

      Also a BIG thank you Gleb for taking the time to help out on texturing my blender file last week!!!

      • No problem Andy, it took just a couple of minutes πŸ™‚

    118. Roger Alien

      1. Blender, Lightworks, Maya, Unity, Zbrush.
      2. Realtime and rendering in Cycles.
      3. Augmented reality, computer vision, procedural texturing, physics-based procedural animation, multiscale shape synthesis etc.
      4. Have no income as for today πŸ™
      In development of asset for Unity based on dynamic procedural texturing + model shape deformation in relation to metadata taken from existing texture in real-time.. you know like fast paced mimicry, also can be used to change environments in relation to hero (as reversed option).. but I have a dream to mimic all pollinators in the world through augmented reality gaming experience and Blender (my first modeling platform) already helps me with this)
      5. Teach me more cool Blender tricks! You are really talented educator πŸ˜€
      And yeah.. if you are from Belarus, take five from Ukraine! Eventually we (both our countries) can shake off those remains of walking dead soviet regime.

    119. Roger Alien

      1. Blender, Lightworks, Maya, Unity, Zbrush.
      2. Realtime and rendering in Cycles.
      3. Augmented reality, computer vision, procedural texturing, physics-based procedural animation, multiscale shape synthesis etc.
      4. Have no income as for today πŸ™
      In development of asset for Unity based on dynamic procedural texturing + model shape deformation in relation to metadata taken from existing texture in real-time.. you know like fast paced mimicry, also can be used to change environments in relation to hero (as reversed option).. but I have more ambitious goal – to mimic all pollinators in the world through augmented reality gaming experience and Blender (my first modeling platform) already helps me with this!
      5. Teach me more cool Blender tricks! You are really talented educator πŸ˜€
      And yeah.. if you are from Belarus, take five from Ukraine! Eventually we (both our countries) can shake off those remains of walking dead soviet regime.

    120. Roger Alien

      1. Blender, Lightworks, Unity. (also plan to play with Maya & Zbrush).
      2. Realtime and rendering in Cycles. (also plan to try Arnold, Renderman, Vray).
      3. Augmented reality, computer vision, procedural texturing, physics-based procedural animation, multiscale shape synthesis etc.
      4. Have no income as for today πŸ™
      In development of asset for Unity based on dynamic procedural texturing + model shape deformation in relation to metadata taken from existing texture in real-time.. you know like fast paced mimicry, also can be used to change environments in relation to hero (as reversed option).. but I have more ambitious goal – to mimic all pollinators in the world through augmented reality gaming experience and Blender (my first modeling platform) already helps me with this!
      5. Teach me more cool Blender tricks! You are really talented educator πŸ˜€
      And yeah.. if you are from Belarus, take five from Ukraine! Eventually we (both our countries) can shake off those remains of walking dead soviet regime.

    121. Alex Nesterov

      1. 3dsMax, Zbrush, Adobe Photoshop, MarvelousDesigner, UVLayout, AutoCAD, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Lightroom.
      2. OfflineGraphics (V-ray,Corona renderer) but some realtime stuff interesting too.
      3. Modeling and lighting.
      4. I’m interior designer and product designer.
      5. I would like to see more and more great tutorials about some basic and universal stuff ( color,lighting,composition, etc.)

      Big thank you Gleb for all your great tutorials about lighting.

    122. 1. Blender, Gimp, Krita, Inkscape, Openshot, Photoshop on occasion, plus some home grown code.
      2. Mainly offline graphics for stills and animations.
      3. Modelling, texturing and lighting but would like to get into characters and more advanced stuff.
      4. Software engineer and 3D artist!
      5. Insight into workflow strategies for larger projects e.g. >20 layers and other first world problems. Tactics for being organised and getting it right first time avoiding reworks. Tips for fixing problems after the fact especially when an animation is half rendered and you need to adjust something that’s wrong. e.g. Render to PNG and not MP4 etc. Please keep up the good work on the tutorials and also keep sharing your outstanding artworks.

      • Paul, many people seem to be interested in pipeline/workflow for the larger projects. And indeed, there aren’t many in-depth tutorials covering this subject.

    123. Craig David Jones

      1. What software do you use?

      Blender, Illustrator, Photoshop, Blender….

      2. Are you interested in the realtime graphics or offline graphics?

      Cycles for the most part, and very curious about future EEVEE

      3. What area of computer graphics is your major interest?

      Painting/Texturing, Modeling, Sculpting

      4. What do you do for living?
      Graphic artist for plastic bag company, flexographic art and process color design for cartons for packaging
      5. What can we do for you?
      Share your awesomeness as you already do

    124. David Frazier

      What’s up “Brimp”?!?! Here we go:
      1. Blender, Maya, PS, GIMP, Houdini, Motion5, AE, FCPX, Fusion8, Krita, UE4
      2. Real-time mostly
      3. Modeling, Sculpting/Retopo, Texturing, Animation, and hopefully Lighting once I go through Gleb’s awesome Realistic Lighting in Blender course! πŸ™‚
      4. Teach Theology, Run an online Bible Institute, Counseling, am a published author, and run a small graphic/logo design company.
      5. Do a complete in-depth course on building node layouts for advanced texturing, starting simple and progressing to those super-large spaghetti layouts. The ones at CGCookie are too fast to follow along with, as awesome and cool as Kent Trammell is.

    125. 1. 3ds Max, Blender
      2. Offline: V-RAY, Mental Ray, cycles
      3. Texturing, materials
      4. Boring ol’ web design
      5. I’d love to be able to connect and collaborate with other artists to produce films and other large artworks.

      Thanks for everything you do Gleb!

    126. Cody

      1. Blender, Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects for some video editing.
      2. Offline in Cycles mostly,real time might be interesting to know, but not really a focus.
      3. Animation / Rigging / Lighting
      4. Graphic Designer / Web Designer hoping to move into 3D for a career change
      5. I love your quick tips and “hacks”, also the originality of your tutorials. In a way I just want you to keep on doing what you’re doing. Also, I love how your products you sell TEACH you something, rather than just giving you something. That way it’s not a crutch to rely on, and more valuable.

      5-1. I did think of something… Video is something I’ve been wanting to do to showcase my models / scenes to give them a bit more life, learning a bit more how to make that a possibility would be great. The rendering just seems impossible, when a single frame takes me half a day or more.

      • Wow, nice looking stuff! Regarding the collaboration on something, who knows, maybe in the future πŸ™‚

    127. John McClane

      3.main interest – modeling, lighting, texturing, sculpting. Also would like to learn – rigging, animation
      4.looking for interesting job for survive
      5.give me a job) or or give advice “What to do?”

      • Theoretically, what kind of job are you interested in? )

        • John McClane

          Hi) Thanks. Good question. My dream is creative job using free graphic software blender,gimp,inkscape. May be I want create games, may be inie RTS. Or may be simply drawing illustrations in 2d or 3d.
          PS anyway, thank you for motivation and cool tutorial and for popularisation of Blender;)

    128. Rachel

      Hey! What’s up?
      1. Blender, Krita and Gimp regularly. I know a little bit of Maya.
      2. Offline I suppose.
      3. Lighting, I love lighting things. <3 Then comes everything else.
      4. My main income right now is product visualization and animation, but I make interesting art on the side.
      5. I enjoy seeing new art from you, it's motivating, but also all the other content you're producing. Keep up the stellar work. πŸ˜‰

      • And you, Rachel, keep up surprising us with astonishing art!

    129. Balatro Crede

      1. Blender, Krita, Unreal
      2. Cycles and real-time.
      3. Lighting & texturing magic. Game development. Graphic novels.
      4. Office work. Unfortunately, not related to CG… yet.
      5. It would be awesome if you could create a game (in Unreal) with Gleb’s brand of magic and take us along for the ride.

      • The gamedev force is not strong in me, as for now :)) I’m afraid I would need to train my game development muscles to be able to pull this off. But the idea is tempting.

    130. Stephen Grimm

      1. Maya, AE, Substance, Photoshop
      2. Primarily Arnold render
      3. Lighting, texturing, dynamics
      4. VFX artist
      5. Although I’m not into Blender, I’ve found so many helpful tips and inspiration from your posts. Thanks for what you do, and keep up the good work man!

    131. LABAI Grieztas

      1 Blender Photoshop, InDesign
      2 Actually interested in all kinds
      3 Modeling, animation
      4 Work as press designer and also as freelancer as game assets maker (game maps creator)
      5 Well, I have one important question, how bake shadows (from alfa too) in to vertex paint on mesh. Something like in Max radiosity…
      Thanks and good luck

    132. Davor Pintek

      1. Blender, 3DS Max, Rhinoceros, World Machine, Substance Designer, Substance Painter, Photoshop
      2. Offline – ray-traced offline rendering in Cycles, V-ray, Redshift
      3. Modeling, lighting, texturing, animation, rendering
      4. Information system design
      5. Continue to be good

    133. 1. Blender, 3D Coat, ZBrush, Unity, Photoshop, Sketchbook Pro.
      2. Mostly realtime with Unity using a physically-based workflow.
      3. Modelling, sculpting, retopo, rigging and texturing.
      4. One title on Steam + assets here and there. Freelance software development.
      5. Keep using your superpowers to show the world just how powerful open-source software can be.

    134. William Barber

      What software do you use?

      1. Blender, 3DS Max, Photoshop, After Effects, Substance Painter/Designer

      2. Primarily oldschool ray-traced cycles/vray… though I’m always open to new things. Never say never.

      3. All of it… Though my favourite part has always been materials.

      4. Drive a Bus and run the tutorial youtube channel/website BlenderBrit, yeah I know, weird combo πŸ˜€

      5. Very hard to say, I enjoy learning most aspects of 3D. I guess, if I were to pick my weakest areas that would be a good place to start. Sculpting, rigging and animation.

    135. Window Ledge Express

      1. Photoshop & Blender
      2. real time
      3. high detail texturing, low poly assets, rigging, weight painting
      4. I buy & sell 3d objects online (Second Life), with a little of them being my own creations. Want to expand my own, naturally.
      5. Tutorials on the above. Come up with a way to protect against copybotting in SL (does it go on elsewhere as well?)

    136. Guido Medici

      1. Blender, Cycles, Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator, Indesign, AE, little bit of Marvelous designer, some 3dmax (import and export stuff for Blender).

      2. Offline only, mainly Cycles, I would like to learn some of major render engine and olso I really love to learn some realtime graphics.

      3. I actually love a little bit of everything about cg, but if I must choose probably i’d say rendering: materials, lighting and Post production most of all, I love to see final images come to life. I really like play with PS and with all different render layers.

      4. I graduated in Industrial design here in Venice, unfortunately it’s virtually impossible become designer here in Italy in this historical period. So I had to invent a job to make a living and I decided to make of a passion a job. Currently I’m a freelancer based in Italy.
      I deal with cg visualisation, for some italian and international company.
      At the moment I’m working on personal project, I’m practicing trying to replicate a photo I’m in the middle of the fun part!!

      5. There would be so many things that I want to ask!!
      Could you suggest some studios that use blender professionally!?
      I really would like to try an experience in a studio.
      Or it would be even better able to assemble a group of professionals who use blender to try to compete with big firms of archiviz on the European scene.
      Sorry I’m delirious ahahahahah…
      Everything aside, you doing so much for the comunity and I’d like to thank for all the effort you put to share your knowledges.

    137. Uncle Hog

      1. Blender, max, maya, vue, coat, real flow, ae, premier, photoshop, speed grade, fuse, illustrator, ink skape, gimp, alchemy, pix plant, mocha, flow box, davinci resolve, nuke, unity, world machine, houdini, clarisse, key-shot, endorphin

      2. offline, as usual – vfx for video post production, and has no a perfect render engine for me (

      3. it’s too sad, but my work needs all type of skills

      4. vfx

      5. really interesting to learn more about cycles denoising for animation or something like approximate ao (like in blender render). for now, only a lot of baking can save my soul

      few wip’s created only with blender used

    138. Seb RomΓ©o

      1.blender, photoshop, netbean (coding)
      2. both
      3. modeling, texturing and lighting
      4. web developer
      5. You do a lot yet thanks !! Just continue this way you are hero πŸ˜‰

    139. Teosi

      1. Blender, (intention to learn Zbrush as well;)
      2. Offline (cycles etc.)
      3. Modelling, Lighting.
      4. Barista and bartender πŸ™‚ (currently, im trying to find time and make render of a house, from my dad’s project )
      5. Some cool tutourial series, in which you are able to start from scratch and finish nice scenes – including nature and that ‘feeling’ of being there. If that makes any sense πŸ˜‰

    140. Malcolm Walker

      1) Blender, Zbrush, Photoshop, Illustrator
      2) Real time
      3) Modeling and Texturing
      4) R&D Parley for the Oceans
      5) More tutorials on real time blender

    141. Digit Plus

      1. Blender, Gimp and sketchbook pro from autodesk

      2. Am interested in both with more time on offline graphic.

      3. Object and character Modeling, Green screen VFX and camera tracking, animation, texturing and sculpting

      4. Right now, i install IP Cameras. looking forward to invest big in motion picture someday, with blender as my base software.

      5. you guys are already doing great. i will like more to be done in faking effects that consume a lot of CPU/GPU power and takes blender a lot of time to calculate. example Smoke, fluid sim, etc

    142. Nathan Ggero

      1. Blender, Photoshop
      2. Offline graphics
      3. Modelling, Lighting, Texturing
      4. Software engineering
      5. Just keep doing what you’re doing. i’m loving it. (You inspired me to actually go deeper in learning 3d art, BTW)

    143. bret wills

      1. Blender, photoshop, creative suite, captureone.
      2. Offline graphics
      3. Modeling, texturing, lighting, rendering
      4. Professional photographer for advertising. Trying to get 3D work for advertising, editorial and online content.
      5. I love your tutorials on making your images photorealistic, whether it’s through materials, volume, lighting or post. You do amazing work and I have learned an amazing amount from you. Thanks.

    144. Pixelisator 01

      1.Blender, Gimp, inkscape and jwildfire (I don’t really use this last one often but generate sometimes some random weird looking fractals is always fun)

      2.offline graphics but realtime graphics are interesting too as well.

      3.Texturing, modelling and lighting, but mostly playing around with particle systems

      4. Well I guess I breathe, eat and sleep haha. In fact I’m curently studying.

      5.Keep posting more awesome content! And also please do more modelling tutorials! (Could you also buy me a new computer, a flying cat and a spaceship please? XD)

    145. James

      1. Blender, Max, Photoshop, GIMP, Unreal, Unity, and LogicPro if you’re interested.
      2. Both.
      3. Modeling, Lighting, Texturing, Animations, Rigging.
      4. I teach English in Taiwan. I am also an armchair architect, and an overall art lover.
      5. Keep up the great work. Very inspirational!

    146. Radek KoΕ‚akowski

      1. Photoshop, Blender, Pyxel Edit
      2. Offline for photorealism and animations, realtime for crazy stuff
      3. Modeling and lighting
      4. Part time photographer and bike messenger
      5. MOAR! πŸ˜‰

    147. Bienfait Yehova-nissi

      1. Blender and photo shop
      2. Yes of course
      3. Animation and modeling
      4. Looking for a work in a 3D animation studio
      5. Multiply tutorials and support blender users

    148. Gabriel Brennan

      1. What software do you use?
      Just blender! I’m still relatively new to 3D modelling.

      2. Are you interested in the realtime graphics or offline graphics?
      A bit of both! More so in offline graphics, but seeing things happen in real time would be cool too!

      3. What area of computer graphics is your major interest?
      A bit of everything! Mostly modelling though.

      4. What do you do for living?
      I have several part time jobs and I’m a full time university student (Secondary Education).

      5. What can we do for you?
      Keep being awesome! I know less that nothing about post-production, so a tutorial on that would be awesome! And maybe a nature/architecture tutorial? I know Blender Guru has done them but it would be interesting to see you take on it πŸ™‚

      • Nature/architecture – I would love to, honestly. and to tell a secret, I’m planning some nature stuff πŸ˜‰

    149. Rob N. Hood

      Haha! I use Lego Digital Designer.

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