3D Nebulae and the Power of the Blender Community – Blender Conference 2019

    In this Blender Conference 2019 talk, Gleb Alexandrov shared the story of researching 3D nebulae creation techniques in Blender and how open collaboration has been changing the landscape of computer graphics industry.

    P.S. Thank you all for contributing .blend files and ping-ponging ideas for this 3D Nebulae project. We’ll keep digging and sharing our findings.



    Creative Shrimp

    Gleb Alexandrov

    Robert Schütze

    Aidy Burrows

    Juan Gea

    Derek Barker

    Gottfried Hofman

    Captain Disillusion

    Iago Mota

    Brecht Van Lommel

    Simon Thommes

    Omar Emara

    Jonas Dichelle

    Grant Wilk

    Stefan Werner

    Brent Patterson

    Curtis Holt

    Clement Foucault

    Kévin Dietrich

    Benny Govaerts

    Andres Stephens (aka Trinumedia)

    Mark Kingsnorth

    Nebula Generator Add-on

    Stefan P Winc

    Thiago de Sul

    Roman Alexandrov

    Teun Van Der Zalm

    Vjekoslav Puzavac

    Martin Mirol’a

    Paralon Digital

    Steve Lund

    Andy (aka DeepBlender)


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    E-Cycles (Mathieu Menuet)

    Space VFX – video course for Blender

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