10 Blender Renders That I Made for Poliigon (Some of Them Rock)

    blender renders cycles

    Here are 10 Blender renders that I created using textures from Poliigon.com, website with awesome CG materials and other stuff. You might have seen some of them, but not all of them I guess. So here we go!

    Software: Blender, Cycles, Krita, Gimp

    Production time: 7 days each render

    1. Magical Books (And Where to Find Them)

    blender render

    2. Sci-fi Game Concept Art (in Blender)

    blender render

    3. The Classroom Environment

    blender render
    blender render

    4. Kitchen – Still Life

    blender render cycles
    blender render cycles

    5. Grungy Environment

    blender render environment cycles
    blender render wireframe

    6. The Letter Blocks – Textures and Lighting

    blender render cycles
    blender render cycles wireframe

    7. A Drone Concept (FL Eye)

    game concept blender
    game concept blender

    8. Eye of Destruction

    blender render cycles
    blender render cycles

    9. The Hallway

    blender render cycles
    blender render cycles wireframe

    10. Alchemy – Textures and Lighting

    blender render cycles
    blender render cycles

    What’s your favorite Blender render? Let me know in the comments below.


    1. Giacomo Alberini

      I think that Grungy Environment is by far my favorite. It would be nice (for me at least) to try to composite some footage into it in order to see wheater it would be believable as a CGI background. Maybe I’ll try it, when I’ll be able enough to use this wonderful tool which is Blender, of course 🙂

    2. Simon Franz

      Fantastic Work! My favourite is the hallway.

    3. Александр Гутан

      Very beautiful works! Thank you!

    4. Alison Garnham

      I have 3 favourites: Magical Books, the Eye of Destruction and The Hallway (closely followed by Alchemy).

    5. thurlough

      Definitely Eye of Destruction followed by Alchemy. Though I’m curious as to how you made the wireframe render? The wireframe shader node just converts everything to triangles…

      • As far as I remember I composed wireframe render from two kind of passes: the first one was ambient occlusion and the second one was the Blender viewport with the grey material and ‘wire over mesh’ enabled for all objects.

    6. Awesome! I wouldn’t know where to start to achieve such amazing work like these. You rock, man!!!

      • Thanks John. Start with a single step, something easy to do. Say, find a reference photo of a cool thing and model it 🙂 Something like that.

        • Thanks a lot for your reply. I’ve been working in Blender for several years and I could say that some people just have the natural skills to achieve this kind of work, Of course, you could get these skills practicing a lot, reading, trying to get results of top artists in the community (like you), etc but “It’s a long way to the top If you wanna rock ‘n’ roll”…

    7. Daniel Duplain

      3. The Classroom Environment, super travail!

    8. bigstoater

      The hallway is my favourite, love the wide angle lens distortion.

    9. Russ

      Love the hallway , is that an import from a different mesh format? Just curious why the crazy topology? Are you modeling into the textures after they’re applied? Either way it’s impressive what a good texture / shading job can do to a very simple model!

      • Russ, it’s a good old standard poly modeling, nothing too fancy. If anything looks weird, it’s because I messed up the topology ))

    10. Gareth

      These are incredible! Tutorials please 🙂

    11. Todd MacLean

      Eye of Destruction!!!!!!!!!!

    12. Saki Dezin

      Marvelous, you are becoming the inspiration. I am anxiously waiting for some animations and product design galleries like in commercials from your side.

    13. Canadian Geek

      Gleb master, let me be your padawan!!

    14. Nikola Tesla

      Really wow

    15. Michiel Coene

      Why does some geometry seem so messy ( for lack of a better word )? Like the objects on the foreground (bottom left) in the hallway? Is that because it’s photoscanned, or decimated? What’s up with that?

    16. Peter Kryszkiewicz

      The pure monochrome face representations show awareness of good composition. But once you add textures and lighting – Yechh! They’re all ugly, especially the Magical Books. Looks like a dog’s breakfast. You need to study a little more Fine Arts basic theory.

    17. James Elvis

      Splendid work Gleb!

    18. Jadon

      I noticed that in the first one (Magic Books) the water drops coming from the book’s eye aren’t in the mesh view. Did you add those on after?

    19. Abhijith S Nath

      Incredible as always!

    20. SergeRamelli

      I would totally buy a tutorial on how you do that, you have been by far the 3D artist that inspires me the most!

    21. Ratheesh Kumar

      I like the way you add the magic elements and a story in your renders, Keep Rocking.

    22. Taffi Tasteless

      mindblowing- each of them!

    23. Paweł

      I love the first image: Magical Book (or rather a good version of Necronomicon ;). Look at the cover: tears from the eye, blood doplets, rust, probably some frost. Really impressive.

    24. Daddios

      I like all of them but my favorite is the Alchemy, I like mystical environments which make you think what might be going on. I like the fact you presented the wireframe images as it gives budding modelers some idea of the item’s complexity.

    25. bdiscus

      My favorite is definitely the grungy warehouse, like it came straight out of some big hollywood studio, so spot on Gleb 😀

    26. Nicolás Ramírez

      I would buy a tutorial on any of them immediately…

    27. João Paulo Ribeiro

      Incredible renders! Very nice, Gleb! But I think you made an error in the 4th render name. This’s the same name of the 6th render name. Are you sure? 😀

      • Of course! Thanks for pointing this error out to me. Fixed.

        • João Paulo Ribeiro

          You’re welcome! 🙂
          I would like enjoy this opportunity to ask how can I make this “mesh render” like you did?

    28. Xakkar

      I would buy a tutorial just to watch you create these! Freaking awesome work

    29. Hi Gleb, great stuff (but we expect nothing less, so that is the drawback of continuous excitement we derive from your work) – couple of questions: Did you use photogrammetry (and retopology) or, if not, how long did the modelling take you? Also, solely blender for compositing or did you use something like Photoshop / Krita as well?

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