Official Teaser | Space VFX Elements


    Are you ready for the ultimate Space VFX training for Blender? It is available now, get your copy! Or watch the teaser.

    We’re working on this beast with Aidy Burrows (CG Masters).

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    Thanks! Counting days till the release.

    • Michel Rochette


      • I’m so thrilled, that I literally count days till the release. Ask Aidy, he knows. Craaazy!

    • Bartinson

      AMAZING 😀

      • Shock and awe 🙂 Ho-ho-ho, exciting space journey ahead. Thnx Bartinson 🙂

        • Bartinson


    • Mason Menzies

      Pardon me. but holy fuck! Yo shit wuddup. This is the bomb! I’m so ready. Take my money!

      • Don’t stop yourself, Mason. I have the same feelings 🙂 like holy fuck! Can’t wait to share this stuff with ye.

        • Mason Menzies

          HHHHYYYYYYYEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGHH!! no holding back. Seriously though, Great stuff. Can’t wait.

          • Aeman Ghidan

            Let All Say FUCK…cuz its F_ing Awesome!!!!
            #Can’t Wait!!!!!!

    • So great Gleb!!! This looks ridiculously great!!

      • Sebastian, I’m so happy to hear such a reaction. awesome!

    • I’m so excited right now!!! Cant wait to see what you got for us!!!
      (Maby it’s too early to ask but how much will it cost? I dont know if I’ll be able to afford it.)

      • Piotr, we’ll post the news on the cost as soon as the Space VFX is released 🙂

    • Aeman Ghidan

      Hell Yeah!!!!

    • Looks like Star Trek into Darkness trailer – very nice, certain buy if price is right :-)))

      • It’s very kind of you 🙂 More updates are on the way!