#AskGleb Podcast Ep 12: What is Your Journey, Your Dreams and Plans Ahead?


    You ask questions about art, graphics and life using the #AskGleb hashtag on Twitter. And I answer these questions in the most stupid way. This is the #AskGleb podcast.

    In This Episode

    • My journey, my dreams as a student and my plans ahead

    • Where the money comes from on Creative Shrimp?

    • How to have a lots of object with displacement in Blender and create an infinite 3D world

    • What books would you recommend reading to get a more in-depth knowledge of CGI and visual arts?

    • How many cups of coffee it takes to edit your video tutorials?


    Steve Jobs Stanford Commencement Speech 2005

    10000 hours rule

    1000 true fans

    Light Science and Magic

    Direction & Quality of Light

    Color and Light: A Guide for the Realist Painter

    How to Use Your Eyes

    Steal Like an Artist

    House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski

    The ONE Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results

    Simulacra and Simulation

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    Over to you. I want to know about your dreams as a student.

    Join the discussion and let us know your dreams and your journey. Have your dreams changed since were a student? Or maybe since you were a kid?


    • About the 10k hrs to master something… nah
      With age I confirm that I can learn and master things faster when different learning methods are made available. I mastered Python basics in 2 weeks. I mastered C++ basics in 3 hrs.
      There is a Chinese idiom, 4 letters idiom, 事半功倍(shì bàn gōng bèi), more with less.

      And about lighting… you also need color. I have 1 e-book about the math of pixels (you will literally paint with numbers) and 1 radical color course (debunk the mystery of mastering color, from struggle to eternal love of color). You can find both at https://blendernpr.org/store/

    • Wow gleb rocky !!!! That’s your new style looking so nice you are younger then me that i am 16 Year old ! <3 🙂

    • Does weather is cloudy ! LOL

      • Oh yes, super cloudy with occasional spikes of sunlight. Was a nightmare to film it, but afterwards we thought it creates a cool effects as well. So was worth it.

    • David Frazier

      As always, great video. This was very very helpful and inspiring. Thanks Gleb! I just bought your new lighting video series and am super stoked to begin devouring it. Keep up the great work. Truly grateful for all you do.

    • John McClane

      It is all good – dreams, inspiration, motivation, etc, thanks! But what your main life goal? Be more and more popular, that’s all?

      ps If everyone wants to be popular, who will work hard at factories?:)

      • John, robots, robots will work at factories, that’s inevitable 🙂 Why waste our time for a nonsense labor, when we can spend it on something meaningful like science, culture and communication (and inventing robots)?

        Popularity is not a goal, you’re right. With that said, when we share knowledge online, we’d like to grow our audience. More happy people, more impact! 🙂