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    The question is simple: How does Creative Shrimp blog affect your life?

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    1. kokonus

      I come here for the tips and tutorials.
      But to say it affects my life, not really.

    2. Emas Harahap

      Your blog is very helpful dude, especially on Lighting Project. Your blog is awesome, your tutorials are awesome, and you’re awesome.

      • Tnx, Emas! Do you like the direction in which Lighting Project moves?

    3. Charlie Ringström

      It’s a very refreshing site, where you can come and get inspired! The site screams friendliness, which makes me feel like we are apart of the same family. Creepy.

      If I were to describe you, I would use one word: hipster! You are probably the most unique Blender tutor of them all, and it’s super refreshing! Keep going with your style! And like Ton said – you made the Russian accent cool! It’s a joy to listen to your voice. Your third podcast describes your style perfectly – a special episode with something as surprising as a surprisingly good cover of Still Alive! I had that song stuck in my head all day!

      It is sometimes a liiiiiitle bit easy, mening that you could make the videos a little more advanced. I know you have the skills for that, but I would also like to take part of those! 🙂 Even on advanced topics you make it simple, for example the steampunk train station. In the breakdown it looked like you only placed down some assets, but how did you really make the trains? And were the humans made in Makehuman? I guess some people would be interested in that. (sorry for writing this, I feel like a terrible person now.)

      PS Love your hipster coffee drinking in the beginning of some videos!

      • Charlie, thanks for such in-depth comment. Speaking about more advanced tutorials, that’s a good point. Indeed, I find myself just scratching the surface of the subject too often.

        And heh, hipster coffee drinking is so damn energizing. Especially if it can be heard in the final recording :))

        What do you think about the lighting project and its direction?

        • Charlie Ringström

          Okay, let’s put it this way – if CG Cookie uploaded a video about lightening, I would expect to exit their course with a complete knowledge about the subject. In this case, I’m not 100 % sure of how to create a good lightening setup, but I guess that’s why the book is going to be made – to give us this confidence we look for! Maybe that’s because I really haven’t touched the subject, being more focused in sculpting for the moment.

          But I did learn some stuff, like the film emulation! Awesome feature!

          And those renders are amazing! Photo realistic and beautiful – a skill set I would like to have a bite of! 🙂 Many people suffer from bad lightening, throwing away some great pieces of artworks, which is a shame.

          Was this what you were looking for?

          • Pretty much, yes. Honestly, I’m not 100% sure myself, where this book will lead me. I just follow 🙂

            As for now, I’m starting to feel that the book will be about rediscovering lighting as an aesthetic experience.

            We won’t concentrate on the technical side of things. But instead we will talk about:

            Artistic sensibility.
            Creative process.

            That’s what I think.

            After reading this book, someone will have confidence to create remarkable images by translating her own aesthetic experiences to computer graphics.

            • Charlie Ringström

              Alright, then! I understand!

              Every CG artist should step back from the geeky technical side and focus on the more artistic viewpoint!

    4. Daniel Zimmermann

      I’m not a 3D artist myself and just started following your blog/work, but I can already say it is really inspiring to see someone who achieved such a great level of quality in his work and who is so comited to sharing his knowledge with the community. As a freelancer journalist, that’s how it affects my life in a positive way – it is always good to see people doing their best and finding their own way.

      • “it is always good to see people doing their best and finding their own way”. Perfectly said, Daniel!
        Journalism and 3d art have many things in common! 🙂 We are finding the right words at the right moment, creating the meaningful representations of reality and are being highly sensitive to social and cultural trends.

    5. Очень познавательный и позитивный блог. Спасибо, Глеб 🙂

    6. Durin VI

      My feedback? I love your voice.

    7. great site Gleb. Really no complaints here. I think you’ve taught many beginner and experienced artists how keep having fun while doing CG art. to me that’s a very important thing. keep going 🙂

    8. Hey Gleb,

      i love your blog and tutorials…
      I didn´t work with Blender, but your tutorials are so helpful for my Creativity and Motivation..
      i think it would affect my life if you start an everyday series like the podcast´s from Andrew Price. ( because then i would listen to nothing else )

      greets from Hamburg,

    9. LABAI Grieztas

      10 stars, hard to say about influence, but yours tips is very useful in my Blender knowledge. Keep work on! Thanks a lot. And waiting your book 😉

    10. Your site is going in my web daily visit.
      I try to use blender in my professional activity but ” I know that I do not know” especially after I watched one your tut. Thank you for you original way to use blender and your shares
      on it. Ciao

      • Alessandro, you are welcome. And I appreciate so much that you are going to visit this site from time to time :))

    11. ctdabomb

      I find your site very helpful. You are very knowledgeable, and very willing to share that with the community. I visit most days waiting for the next post.
      You explain things very well, even for complex subjects, that make them seem easy and obvious, inspiring other ways to do things.
      Many tutorials focus on a very specific thing with specific steps, and your tutorials are a bit more general, and broader. I like that though.
      On the subject of the Open Lighting Project, I am extremely grateful for you doing this. imo this is much needed, (at least for me) and I like the way you do it. Taking different scenarios, and showing to light them.

      In short, thank you very much, and keep it up!

      • You are too kind, sir.
        Inspiration is a force to be reckoned with 🙂 I have noticed funny thing about watching/reading tutorials. Sometimes, the biggest benefit of watching tutorial is not a knowledge that I get, but a surge of sheer inspiration to create something. Even if I didn’t understood a single concept.

    12. thisisprabha

      i love ur stupid things…..& ur article writing style…..ur style look differ than others…….

    13. Yulia Kalashnikova

      very talanted author 🙂 I am sure you will be even more successful in the future!

    14. Ejnar Rasmussen

      Your stuff is very good. Well explained. Nice difficulty level. Very nice quality. Two small things that make a difference to other tutorials: Your branding (font styles etc.) of your tutorials are great. It makes us know it is something you put work into. And your special dialect has become your trademark. Dont lose it. There is so much motivation in your voice that everybody can feel it.
      Keep up all the good work!

      • Ejnar, thanks for a great comment! Speaking about an accent, I would want to lose it, but no way for now :))
        Glad you like the typography. I will push this style even further in the book.

    15. Adam Bain

      You are doing great, don’t change to much. You have that feel in your tutorials that blender guru had when it was started. The excitement about what you are doing, & an desire to share your knowledge. Unfortunately with others, the passion has gone & they feel to commercilised. Its a world of being different & not conforming to the norm. Your tutorials are fun, to the point, no crap. Have been enjoying watching you grow.

      • Adam, I get a feeling that the content will become even more weird. We haven’t reached the peak, for sure. 🙂 And to be different… we are all different, but sometimes we just successfully hide it.
        I believe that if we want to cut through the noise, we should appreciate what makes us different.

    16. I’ve got nothing negative to say 🙂 You’re a great part of the Blender community, and your tutorials are clear and easy to follow, without being tedious or monotonous. Thumbs up!
      Just one quick question: would you mind mentioning what the music you use as background for your tutorials it? I like it!

      • I will try to mention music tracks, if I don’t forget. That’s a nice suggestion, thanks!

    17. Java

      I really can’t find anything wrong at all with the site, it’s very solid.

    18. Mason Menzies

      You do a great job putting a face behind your voice! thats what i love about the site. some people record their voice only but you almost always post a picture or video of yourself which makes us feel more connected i think. love the tuts and the work you do. keep it up!

      • The next step would be to record this face in motion 🙂 maybe a webcam will do.

    19. Uncle Snail

      I love the way you make the sight. 🙂 It is obvious that you take time to make your tutorials concise, yet understandable. Sometimes I think they move slightly too fast and I have to pause the video to keep up (I’m a new-be), but you usually have screen-cast keys on so that really helps. The tutorials are very high quality, and you usually respond to comments, which makes it a lot easier to get past difficulties in the projects, or things that we did not understand, and it makes it feel like you actually care. 🙂 (which I assume you do.)
      I would say that it would sometimes be nice to broaden your scope a little more. You are already pretty broad, trying to use other programs like Photo-capture (or whatever it is called), but I think you could push it a little further.
      At the moment, I think most of your tutorials are aimed at teaching how to use the tools in Blender (which is one of the most important things, and also least taught), and while it does show how to apply things, I would like a little more focus on technique as well. For example, how to sculpt well, or how to make clothes on a character that actually look real when the character moves (something I have been trying to do). Things like that, which apply to technique as well can be nice. If you can keep the teaching about Blender (and other program) features, and also try to put give some technique practice as well (like composition and color guides as well), it would be amazing.
      I would also like to say that it is already amazing, and I can see you have already been trying this with your tutorials (such as the ice one and many of the other lighting ones) and it is great.
      Oh, and one last thing, I would prefer if there were not as much questionable language, which is more of a preference thing, but oh well, I figured I would mention it. 🙂

      Anyway, that is all to say, you are doing a wonderful job and have high quality tutorials. It has really helped me to understand Blender and have a great community. Just a few thoughts. Thanks. 🙂 (wow that was longer than I expected. I hope it’s not boring.)

      • Uncle Snail, thank you for such a great response. I agree with everything said. Color, perception, artistic sensibility, aesthetic experience – that’s the things that I will talk about in the upcoming tutorials. And I’m glad it resonates with you.
        So I will continue to broaden the scope (if only that could play well with adding depth at the same time, hehe). Personally, I think that is essential for any artist to get a good grasp of composition, etc.

    20. Jim Brandom

      You change the way I see the world. Every time I walk past a lamp post, or a wall, I think about how I could recreate it. How I can use it. Your videos are inspirational, your personality is wonderful and your art is mind blowing. You’re also the main reason I want to go into the CG industry. Thank you, from a 13 year old.

      • Jim, that’s exactly what I think too: “how can I recreate it”. Life and its visual side is a huge motivation for me. After all, the world is an incredible place (even its creepy parts). I’m glad you share this thoughts with me. Looking forward to seeing your art!

    21. Ethan Hansen is… simply the best CG blog out there. You seem to know exactly what you’re doing with PR / social media, blogging, web design, tutorials, not to mention MIND-EXPLODING ARTWORK. And– you’re the most involved site administrator I’ve come across. I have no idea how you find the time to interact with people in article comments, Twitter, FB, and so on.

      But– how on earth are you making a living from this! You’re 100% generous with web content (I can’t remember a single product or service you’ve sold). Your tutorials are free, articles are free, you explain all your workflows and trade secrets. Does freelancing / contract work (think you made some assets for Andrew Price?) represent most of the business income or how are you doing it?

      Keep being awesome.

      • Ah Ethan, you nailed it. 😛 Participation in various creative projects (as an artist ;)) and writing articles for magazines and web represent most of income.

        Though, I would want to switch to passive income. The Lighting Open Project will be the first step in this direction, when the book is published.

        Also, I found myself thinking about crowdsourcing options to gather funding for my projects. Maybe Indiegogo? That’s just a theory at the moment, as I need to understand how it must be done from a legal and tax standpoint (that stuff drives me insane).

    22. es

      Thanks so much for this awesome blog! It helps me through complex tasks in blender, I love the style of the videos, and sometimes I come here just to put myself in a good mood! Thanks again! So excited to see what’s next!

    23. Filip Hron

      Gleb, there’s nothing to criticize on CreativeShrimp. I’m not objective, I share only my narrow personal view. Your tutorials are fast, more entertaining than educational (yet more powerful than), and in the first place you share your passion rather than showing us your skills. It’s great to have such Blender artist to show the world blender capabilities, and it’s good luck to have him as honest person as you are. I would like to share some constructive critique, but I can’t. I’m amazed! To conclude, your tutorials and articles are challenging. I haven’t finished any of your tutorials having satisfying result. But what I know (from your tutorial, again) is that the problem is in me.. haven’t woke up the art yet. Thank you for your work. Keep it up and don’t loose that “starting sparkle” which someone mentioned beforehand.

      • Woah, thanks so much for you kind words! Though, I think that there are a lot of things that need to be improved on this blog 😉

    24. Would like to say a quick hello and thank you (so far for inspiration, specifically creatively within cgi). It has been a while since working with 3d tools and am amazed at the toolkits that exists now (Blender). I think your creative take on it is what I find interesting. Basically a paintbrush used by a painter. Cheers!

      • Hello and thank you too! Hearing that my stuff inspires someone always makes me happy. That’s really awesome. I hope you will enjoy future articles and tutorials too 😉

    25. loaferslodge

      I love your site and work. To me you are the soul of Blender SteamPunk. You are doing work with old technology (Blender) and showing us what is possible in 10 years time.

      The number one super awesomeness of your tutorials is that you show us how very small details have massive impact on our work.

      You are demonstrating what my old teacher kept telling us in art class.

      Make the rules and then break them.

      Thanks for being you.

      • Woot! You are too kind, sir.

        Indeed, breaking the rules is pure fun (when you know the rules) :))

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