Say Hi to LEV Alexandrov!


    Hey guys, meet Lev Alexandrov, new kid on the block! He’s looking forward to conquering the world of computer graphics & digital art already!

    Say hi to Lev :)


    • victorborges

      very quick process… 15 seconds 😛

      • Gleb Alexandrov

        Haha :)))

    • Carolina Larraín

      Such a bless. Hi Lev! = )

      • Gleb Alexandrov

        Hi Carolina!

    • Nestor Guziński

      hi ^_^

    • Yuri

      A major cluster of grats!

    • Thomas Wright

      Please tell me you are not making your wife hold the lights!

      • Gleb Alexandrov

        Wives make good slaves, generally. Lena is not too obedient though. But just enough to hold the light for an hour or two.

        • Thomas Wright

          Yeah. she did not look very happy. 😛

    • Taffi Tasteless

      omg! You will love coffe more than ever (I know, my son is 35 already… 😉 ) and he looks very gleby! So sweet!

      • Gleb Alexandrov

        Yea that’s a nice way to describe it, looks gleby :) personally, I think he looks much more like Lena, but maybe he has some resemblance to me also.

    • agnesluvso

      Congrats for this handsome modeling render!! He has a strong voice!! I wish health and all the best for the trio!! 😀

      • Gleb Alexandrov

        Almost too strong voice, opera-style. Drives me insane, at times.

    • Shine Thorns


      • Gleb Alexandrov

        Hey Shine, how is it going :)

    • Wolf Of the Dead

      Awwww. He’s so cute. Congratulations

      • Gleb Alexandrov

        Wolf, it’s very kind of you!

    • vv

      Hi! What do you think about Blender, Lev?) Congratulations Gleb, Lev and Lena holding softbox!

      • Gleb Alexandrov

        I asked him. He just said “AaaAAa”. I’m not sure about the exact transcription.

    • Sandra D

      Congratulations. He’s very cute.

    • Tedo Nieuwenhuis

      Welcome Lev, the world is yours!!

    • Jocelyn Strob Simard

      Congratulations! Really funny allegory

    • Cal McGaugh

      What a cute little guy! He has your eyes.
      Have fun, and be sure to put a small towel
      on your shoulder, just in case (from experience
      with 2 sons). 😉
      Please tell Lena, “добрая праца” …”Good job!” =)

    • Goodme

      Bienvenue Lev dans le monde réel !

    • Paul McManus

      Hi there Gleb, Lena and Lev. Wishing you health, happiness and sleep to all three of you. Great to see the little guy like this and I love your story.

    • Johan Nobel

      Great modeling and rendering! Good luck with the postprocessing :-)
      Wishing you three all the luck!

    • Cal McGaugh

      Hi Lev. Are you letting mommy & daddy get any sleep?

      Hope you are fine, have a great personality, and
      learn Blender by 5yrs old (maybe 3?)
      Your daddy is a great teacher, and he makes me laugh as I learn. 😉

    • Med Boubouh


    • Lev Protter

      Well this is awkward.

    • InhumanRampage

      Is this him, the little creative shrimp ? ^_^

      • Gleb Alexandrov