Coffee made from POOP? I would try!


    Jim, thanks for asking this question. I thought it was a good time to record a vlog about COFFEE! At last.

    In This Episode:

    • Gonzo journalism and coffee?

    • Coffee made from poop

    • If coffee beans would no longer be produced would the 3d artist become extinct?!? (A question by Jim Morren)

    • How coffee was discovered

    Ask Your Questions

    Feel free to ask questions using #AskGleb hashtag on Twitter, and I’ll pick the most hilarious or thoughtful ones and try to answer.


    • If coffee beans became extinct, we chai tea drinkers shall rule the world! Muhahahaha!

      • But then we’ll have to rename chai tea to something like … coffee? Yea I think coffee is an appropriate new name for it. This tea thing even has enough caffeine.

        • You would have to drink three cups of chai tea to achieve the same amount of caffeine you get in a single cup of coffee. It’s a deal!

    • Yitzi Litt

      Awesome as always! The book slamming repetition just cracked me up. Thanks for yet another intriguing video, seeing a Gleb Alexandrov notification always brightens my day!

    • Oscar Orlando Caballero Moreno

      You should come to Colombia, I’d be glad to take you to one of the best places for drink coffee here!.

    • Lina

      I drink a lot of coffee, but still didn’t make much to change the CG world.. Hm.. Ok, I’m going to make another cup of coffee and open Blender, maybe it will work 🙂